What is the parent-child relationship

Bonding: striving for security and security

When the relationship with the child is difficult

Some mothers cannot develop a sense of closeness for their baby and feel little joy in their child. The baby finds it difficult to get through to them, and attempts to contact them are hardly returned. On the other hand, these mothers are often overly concerned and afraid that something might happen to their baby. In addition to sadness, self-doubt and hopelessness, there is often shame and the feeling of failure and being a bad mother.

These or similar sensations can be signs of what is known as postpartum depression. This disease is easily treatable and should be treated as quickly as possible. If left untreated, it can make the relationship between mother and child more difficult and thereby significantly impair the child's entire development.

If you often feel depressed and constantly overwhelmed, very insecure or stressed in your task as a mother, you should definitely seek help. This also applies if you find it difficult to access your child, for example due to a disability or illness.

Ask your midwife or pediatrician about counseling services for parents with babies and toddlers in your area. In the meantime there is also so-called early help in all communities, which support and accompany parents in the caring relationship with their child. This also includes family midwives who can support parents in the care, development and support of their child in the first year of life in the event of particular stress. You can usually get information from the local youth or health department. (As of: June 18, 2020)