Selfies are becoming more dangerous

Dangerous Selfies - so that the fun doesn't end fatally

What is behind the search for the K (l) ick?

Selfies are particularly widespread among young people as a means of self-expression. A simple photo is no longer enough. In search of praise and recognition among peers, riskier motives and actions are tried out, says graduate educational scientist Michael Jost, who wrote a doctoral thesis on the phenomenon: "Nowadays young people have hardly any experience of movement, and they are kept away from any risk."They wanted to overcome fear, disgust and boredom with tests of courage.

The railway systems, trains and tracks are particularly fascinating. In Hamm on Sunday (25.09.2016) a boy was seriously injured by an electric shock while climbing on wagons. Fatal is the fascination for romantic track photos in which couples can be snapped on train tracks that run parallel in the distance and never part; Symbol for "eternal"Love and friendship.

Why is life almost always in danger?

Those who do gymnastics unsecured on skyscrapers and cliffs to take selfies may lose their footing and fall to their death. The danger on calm-looking railway systems is underestimated. Jörg Ackmann, as the Federal Police's prevention officer, likes to bring numbers into play: "A train covers 100 meters in two seconds. It comes too fast to be able to evade."No chance even with an emergency stop, because the braking distance is up to 1,000 meters long. In addition, modern trains are much quieter than their predecessor models and can be heard accordingly late. Climbing on parked trains is also life-threatening because the 15,000 volts in the overhead line overturn even with mere approach.

What else threatens selfie snapping?

A track selfie, for example, can have legal consequences and become quite expensive. Because unauthorized entry to railway systems or tracks can result in a fine of up to 5,000 euros. In the event of a specific risk to railway operations, it can also be punished as a criminal offense with a prison sentence of up to ten years. There is also a risk of damage claims by the railway or recourse claims from travelers.

What to do when dangerous selfies from kids or friends pop up?

Jörg Ackmann from the Federal Police advises keeping a watchful eye on the photos of the children. Rather "Show me what you do", as a mallet method:"Feel better, show interest and then seek the conversation accordingly."That should then be very urgent in order to draw attention to the dangers of trading. Ackmann himself had fetched two young girls from the tracks while snapping selfies some time ago.

They were not aware of the danger, even startled when he explained the dangers. They replied that they had paid attention to the timetable: "But many special and freight trains are not included in the timetable, nor are train delays."Jörg Ackmann recommends the Deutsche Bahn video from the campaign"We want you to arrive safely". The carefree selfie excursion of two young girls on train tracks ends with deadly force:

As of: 09/28/2016, 3:00 p.m.