What are easy-to-learn kpop dances

Learn Korean the Gangnam style

The nine basic course participants have now completed two weeks of language lessons at the LSI. Now in their last week they will be taught the basics of K-Pop dance. The schedule therefore does not include Korean grammar and small talk, but typical movements and choreographies of K-pop dancing. Of course, the Korean language is not neglected in the K-pop dance lesson. Dance teacher Shin Hyo Jo gives all dance commands in Korean in proper style. The group is well prepared for this. Dorothea Hoppmann taught the Korean learners the most important K-Pop vocabulary the day before.

Korean language and culture
The basic Korean course is not only intended to convey the language to the course participants, but also to familiarize them with various aspects of the target culture: “For example, during the last week we cooked typically Korean after class. We organized the K-Pop course at short notice because the learning group was so interested in it, ”says Dorothea Hoppmann.

Korean culture, especially K-Pop, is gaining a growing following in Germany. At least since PSY's song “Gangnam Style” in 2012, this trend has reached and strengthened a broad public. In the meantime there are even K-Pop Dance Group Cover Contests. K-pop groups like Girls Generation, Miss A, SISTAR, Dongbangshinki and Orange Caramel are also extremely popular among K-pop fans.

Incidentally, from May 8, 2015, there will be a weekly K-Pop dance course in the Hardys in Bochum. The dance class is led by Shin Hyo Jo. Detailed information will be published shortly on www.akafoe.de.

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