How is the prison in the Netherlands?

Netherlands: torture prison discovered - investigators give further details

The Dutch police discovered a prison made of shipping containers - including a torture cell - in a warehouse. Now the police think they know who set up the facility.

According to initial investigations, there is a drug gang behind the torture chamber discovered in a container in the Netherlands. According to police, the main suspect is a 40-year-old man from The Hague. He belongs to one of the country's leading drug gangs, the Dutch media reported on Wednesday. The day before, the police had published pictures of seven sea containers that had been converted into cells and a torture chamber.

The 40-year-old had been targeted by investigators since April on suspicion of drug trafficking and the preparation of a murder. The warehouse in the village of Wouwse Plantage in the southern province of Brabant, where the containers were set up, was also discovered. According to the public prosecutor's office, six people had already been arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of planned kidnapping and hostage-taking.

Criminal torture chamber shocked Dutch people

The investigators said they had accessed before the rooms were used. Six were set up as prison cells, soundproofed with toilets and handcuffs on the ceilings and floors. A dentist's chair and numerous torture instruments were found in one of the containers.

Possible victims of the gang are also said to belong to the underworld. "The picture of the sea container is freezing and very shocking," said the public prosecutor on Tuesday. "The suspects called a seventh sea container the 'treatment room'", obviously designed and furnished to torture people. "You can see the recordings of the storming and the facilities on site in the video above or here. The discovery of the converted cells and the The torture room shocked many Dutch people: "That is a new dimension, even with criminal investigations," said a police spokesman.

Gang wanted to pretend to be a police SEK

The criminal police had tracked down the gang by intercepting telephone and chat conversations. According to the police, the suspects had bluntly chatted about kidnappings and torture via the now closed EncroChat network. Only a few days ago the European judicial authority Eurojust reported that the police had cracked the network and thus succeeded in a big blow against organized crime in Europe.

Obviously, the gang wanted to pretend to be a special police force during the kidnappings. Because the investigators found numerous weapons, police uniforms, stop signs, blue lights and bulletproof vests. The police had warned the potential victims. They could go into hiding in time. The exact background of the planned kidnappings remained unclear for the time being.

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