Do you believe in Guardian Angel 1

Rachel had been a strange girl. I don't even remember how I got to know her. She had just been there at some point. Had sneaked into my life unnoticed. As soon as I got out of the house, she followed me. Had appeared out of nowhere and disappeared just as unnoticed. I never knew where she was if she wasn't following me, and she wouldn't have told me if I asked.
At the beginning I was still wondering who wouldn't have that?
But at some point it was part of my life. As natural as breathing and sleeping.
At first I hadn't noticed it, but of course over time I noticed. I still remember how I asked her about it.
"Who are you?" I asked her. She had pushed her long, jet-black hair back from her face and smiled.
"Rachel," she'd said like I should have known.
"Why are you following me?" I asked further.
"Do you mind?"
"No," I replied, confused. She had smiled and said nothing. I hadn't asked any further. I knew now. I am amazed that I hadn't noticed it then. The snow-white skin with the porcelain-like features, the strangely silent smile, the bright eyes that looked ancient although she couldn't have been more than 14 years old.
With her I always had the feeling that she knew a lot more about the world than a person would ever know.
She had always remained silent, never said anything of her own volition. She answered when asked, but her answers sparked more questions than they answered.
Yes, once. Once, it occurred to me, she had started a conversation on her own. It was the afternoon before the worst night of my life.
"Do you believe in angels?" Asked himself and met my gaze with her ancient eyes.
"Well, I do not know. you mean guardian angels and such, don't you? ”I asked in astonishment and looked at my little companion in confusion. "Do you believe in her?"
She didn't answer, only said: “Guardian angels are fallen angels. When they are banished from heaven, they will have one last chance. You have to save someone's life. If you can do that, you can come back. But some also stay on earth. "
"Aha," I mumbled. Not knowing what to say to that. She was also silent again and followed me with light steps as I crossed the street. The afternoon had drawn towards the evening. Rachel's face was lit by the setting sun and the wind blew her hair off her face. Her face was like that of a child who had grown up too quickly.
"Oh crap, I forgot the bread," I said, turning to go back to the mall. I stepped across the sidewalk and felt a feather-light touch that pushed me forward. Car tires screeched to a stop, there was noise.
I still remember exactly the moment when I turned around and saw Rachel under the car.
Outwardly she had no injuries, and yet I knew it was too late for her. I quickly knelt next to Rachel. Then I saw her.
Dark black fluff covered the upper half, while the lower feathers were long and shiny. They seemed to attract and swallow the light, but that hadn't diminished their beauty.
The wings had started to change under my eyes. Had faded into a beautifully shimmering silver. Rachel had smiled at me and the wings had moved. The silver had gotten lighter and lighter and finally turned a brilliant white. Everything seemed brighter and more radiant to me.
The wings had completed Rachel's supernatural beauty and I had wondered why I hadn't recognized them before. I hadn't dared touch their wings, but I knew how they would have felt. Like smooth, pleasantly cool clouds.
Rachel looked at me and smiled slightly
. "Do you believe in angels?" She had asked me in a whisper. I nodded wordlessly.
"You're leaving now, aren't you?" I croaked. She looked at me sadly.
“Yes, but I will continue to follow you. Your life is not over yet. "
I nodded, comforted by her promise.
"Do you believe in me?" She had asked in a whisper.
Again I could only nod silently. She had given me one more of her strange and so rare smiles and moved her wings. These had continued to shimmer, but seemed to be losing their shape. She closed her eyes. By the time the ambulance finally got there, she was dead.

I still feel it sometimes. Not as present as before, but I can feel it. And I know: she keeps her promise. So I'm holding mine
I believe.
I believe in angels.
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