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"German for you" even faster with Angular

Wednesday May 5, 2021

The free language learning community of the Goethe Institute "Deutsch für Dich" now runs entirely on Angular. After switching over to the mobile version last year, the desktop version was recently launched on Angular. More than 680,000 registered users benefit from noticeably faster speeds and lower data transfer.

Single page app for better performance

The improvements in "Deutsch für Dich" include a new, fresh design and even faster performance. This was achieved, among other things, through the technical switch to Angular and a single page app.

With a single page app, many elements, such as the controller logic, views, fonts and user interface elements, are preloaded once. After that, the app running in the browser only exchanges data in compact JSON format with the server-side API.

This significantly reduces the data transfer, which is particularly important for an app that is used internationally for learning German. Users with slow internet connections benefit significantly from the better performance. The diverse functions such as the learning area, the forum, the groups, the user directory and the newsfeed are now noticeably faster for users.

Further improvements

Users can now also receive current information on courses, exams and events at the Goethe-Institut via the newsfeed. At the same time, the user interface texts were changed to gender-neutral terms.

The mobile version and the desktop version of "Deutsch für Dich" now use a common code base for easier maintainability and easier expandability. Many services and components are now used jointly, which makes maintenance and further development faster and easier. The consistent separation of front-end (Angular) and back-end (API) also facilitates future developments.

About "German for you"

"Deutsch für Dich" is the free online community for German learners and German teachers worldwide. The offer of the Goethe-Institut, which started in 2013, currently includes more than 190 exercises for different learning levels and on different subject areas. In addition to forums and groups, the more than 680,000 registered users also have personal messages and chats at their disposal for the exchange with others.