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Hey guys,

So I've really come to a point where I have no idea why I'm playing Minecraft at all. It had been like this for days, but I was able to suppress it when I was building my single player castle. But now I just don't have a goal anymore. : dnuhr:

The problem with Minecraft is that you have no story and no given goals at all (apart from the achievements, but where a small beginning is created). I also have less and less fun playing on the Minehattan server. I'm really one of the smallest fish in the huge ocean and I personally don't feel comfortable there, although it is fun to walk through the cities, admire other buildings and chat with people. Don't get me wrong, it's the best server ever for Minecraft, I've looked around other servers and it's really chaotic. I admire the monarchy of the admins here: p Do something wrong and you will be warned, you do it a second time and you are kicked out: D

I am also planning to set up my own server soon (only local), where I would then play with my brother - then I would have more connection to the game, because he is totally gripped at the moment and he would be happy to play with me and to build something together ^ 2 ^ But for me personally, I don't see any goals in Minecraft that I could achieve so that I can have more fun.

I've already thought about starting an adventure youtube series, à la X's Adventures in Minecraft. So stop in the daredevil style: Always on hard, (almost) all monsters are fought and all caves with their dungeons are explored. But even there I lack the incentive: I definitely don't want to do this for less than 500 views, and you need a while to get to them, and I really don't feel like going to Youtube.

So to summarize everything roughly: Minecraft is just getting boring. No matter what I do. It's probably time for a big break now, but I'd like to come back soon. The idea of ​​the game is great, I just need one more reason to play so that I can have a lot of fun again.

What would you advise me to do? It's not that I don't know what I want to build - I still have a few ideas, among other things, to make my world suitable for multiplayer, i.e. spawn house, paths, railway lines, bridges, harbors, etc., but that's not my point . Simply to keep the fun in the later hours of the game.

What could I do to make it more fun for me? Do you have any ideas? Does anyone here feel the same as I do? Or have you had that before? - If so, what did you do then?

Kind regards

Mentor 7

Try your hand at Redstone :)

If you don't feel like it, then just leave it. I also took a break, but then played the scavenger hunt with a friend on the server and now I'm back. Every now and then you need something different so that it doesn't get boring. Gamble something else or gamble nothing. I don't think there is any point in chasing a game if you don't really feel like it. : dnuhr:

And if you're bothered by the "little fish" thing on the server, get together with whom. The three of us started our castle. It's more fun and more people look at the things you've built. :)

Yes, as great as Minecraft is, one day it's enough.
It is precisely this haphazardness and aimlessness when you have no ideas for buildings that are annoying.
Can only give you one tip:

Take a break and play a cool RPG, shooter or something else that you enjoy.: A.

Do it like me, only play Minecraft when you have an idea what you want to build.
It happens that I don't play for two weeks and then you have to spend several hours a day until I have finished a project.
You can only set yourself goals in Minecraft. There is no other way.

I used to feel the same way, then I just pulled something else for a while, and then I got new ideas and suggestions!
Or try a mod, there is probably something that extends Minecraft so that you can then build something that would not have been possible before.

Well, since I posted that, I've taken a break from Minecraft (but not from the great MinecraftForum here;)).

I think I'll get lust again soon. Why? I want to prove myself in my logical thinking and start working with Redstone. Not only because Kater said it, but also because I am interested in what kind of things you could do (double doors, lockable doors with switch combinations, etc.).

Well, I'm not that big of a fan of mods in Minecraft. I can't even get Zan's minimap to work since 1.3 ugly

When I was just messing around with normal blocks, I quickly got bored until I discovered how to boost Minecarts. The first thing I then built was of course a fully automated train station: A

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