Will Hurricane Florence hit Massachusetts

Hurricane "Florence" has never been more dangerous than it is now

Also on Sunday, hurricane "Florence", which was downgraded to a tropical storm, continued to rain masses of water over North Carolina and eastern South Carolina. The floods damage tens of thousands of homes and continue to fill the rivers in the region. And: there is a risk of even worse flooding.

The death toll rose to 17

The US national weather service has measured up to 100 centimeters of rain in some areas of North Carolina since Thursday. More than 900 people had to be rescued from the floods, the death toll of “Florence” has risen to 17. 15,000 people are in shelters.

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Many of the rescues took place in the coastal town of Wilmington. The place can currently only be reached by boat or by air. In a low-lying district, the water is three meters high. Pictures on Twitter show the flooded streets of the city:

The levels of the rivers in North Carolina continue to rise

And the levels of the rivers keep rising. They should not peak until today, Monday or even Tuesday (local time). "The storm has never been more dangerous than it is now," said the governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, the American TV station "CNBC".

"Florence" has already broken the record for total rainfall that a hurricane has ever brought to North Carolina. Hurricane "Floyd" brought it 6 inches of rain. In 1999, the hurricane killed 56 people.