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NUMBER 4 | 2014 78715 Frankfurt & amp; Rhein-Main Eat and drink nicer in autumn: HUBERTUSHOF WILD cooking in the Spessart BBQ ON ICE Winter grilling in the Kempinski Gravenbruch NEW YEAR'S EVE Three parties, three locations: That's New Year's Eve to the power of three! The Pope of Trumps invites you to the table: Ralf Bos comes to the Genussakademie 0-0_GM 04_14_Titel.indd 1 14.09.14 19:30 www.facebook.com/FrankfurterSparkasse Our life, our momentum, our Frankfurter Sparkasse “You don't always have to ride a bike reinventing yourself to succeed with innovations. Sometimes all it takes is a good idea and the right financial partner to help. ”The corporate customer service at Frankfurter Sparkasse. With us you can make a difference. Wolfgang Momberger, Helge von Fugler | Entrepreneur EBIKE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES GMBH | Customer since 2013 1822_1_1_GM04-14.indd 1 09/11/2014 12:28 PM Editorial Looking forward! Dear connoisseurs, Autumn came somehow too early, so we at least hope that its golden ribbon will last as long as possible - after all, it is harvest time now, and thus would be the best opportunity to transform the abundance of fresh products into delicious dishes as well as to practice them for Christmas! The & uuml; be menus by Slim Khanchouch and David Fischer are just right, but the classics around goose or pumpkin, duck and mushrooms also fit into this time. You have to wait a little longer for Ralf Bos, for that he will come to the absolute peak of the season for Perigord trumpets, exactly to the week. Actually the ideal Christmas present. Although the trip to Valencia would also fit under the tree, maybe next to the roulade course in the Odenwald? Cover photo: New Zealand stag; Photos on this page: Fotolia / Eleden, illustration: Tom K & ouml; rner As you can see: There is again a lot to discover, and the editorial team also used the summer break for excursions. To Marc Schulz in the Max on One in the Frankfurt Hotel Jumeirah. Also to the agitator Uwe Taylor as well as to the wineries Hiestand and Johanninger, both located in the Rheinhessischen, but nevertheless different and at the same time very, very interesting. You could actually go there once in a while. GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 03_GM 04-14_Editorial.indd 3 In addition, the team at the Genussakademie has let go of all inhibitions and developed a cooking course that is ideally suited to the “pure luxury” label - just four (in numbers: 4) people cook an unbelievable menu together with David Fischer and Slim Khanchouch, and this course only takes place once a quarter. You would have to book very quickly. Vegetarians and even vegans can now look forward to exciting courses, baking cookies is back on the agenda, a weekend in the deepest Spessart is also not a bad idea, but how do you get away from the many conjunctives? It's simple: you take heart, read this booklet and then just let yourself go. So the anticipation of the festival of all festivals increases by itself. Well, you put on a few calories, but at least that's a worthwhile investment! I wish you a wild autumn, have fun and stay with enjoyable greetings Bastian Fiebig 3 14.09.14 19:35 Issue 4 | 2014 Magazine 6 RHEIN-MAIN GOES OUT! THE ENJOYMENT COURSES Enjoyment comes first, but you also learn. Top cuisine 30 The Genussakademie Christmas menu 18 Sissi's favorites - classics from the 30 Das Genussakademie Christmas menu K. u. K. kitchen with Bertl Seebacher What is happening in the restaurant scene? A visit to the chef 8 A visit to: Marc Schulz Cover story 14 The Bos is back! 18 The tricks of the star chefs 18 19 19 19 20 Producer portrait with David Fischer Top cuisine on the market! with Uwe Weber Cooking with Alfred Friedrich under palm trees Enjoyment in Piedmont with Carmelo Greco Austria innovative! with Mario Lohninger First Class with Slim Khanchouch and David Fischer 16 illy: Enjoyment connects. Worldwide. Bestseller dealer portrait 22 NEW: From trumpet to chilli: Vegetarian 33 Uwe Taylor - The Scharfmacher 22 Enjoyment calendar 22 34 All cooking courses up to January at a glance Winegrower portraits 47 Johanninger - Enjoyment as a common denominator 58 Gunther Here stand - hideaway on the Rhine front! 23 23 23 24 24 24 Columns 24 10 THOMAS ’HOUSE STORIES Thomas Haus: Have lunch or eat on the go? 24 38 WOLFGANG'S WHITE WINE NIGHTS 24 Wolfgang Feierfeil: The great unknowns: Wines from the Jura 25 25 46 PUNDAS RED PASSIONS Pit Punda: When it's burning, it's uff! 25 for all the senses with Thomas Fahr NEW: Wonderful: Vegan cuisine with Wondergood with Anton Goloshchekin NEW: At the stove with the Roulade King Patisserie from the starred kitchen with Benjamin Kunert Cupcakes with Ewa Feix Designing Cupcakes with Ewa Feix The perfect schnitzel with Steffen Ott Finest meat - the cooking course with David Fischer Kreative Odenw & auml; lder Landhaus-K & uuml ;che with Armin Treusch The real Frankfurt kitchen with Danilo Klinke Finest seafood - the cooking course with Daniel Primke and David Fischer The long night of Dumplings with the team of the Genussakademie The perfect host with Benjamin Koch Aromatic double - Food & amp; Whiskey with Chris Pepper Aromatic, sensual, vital: Ayurveda! with Paolo Cimino Other enjoyable regions 41 Around the world in five courses with Slim Khanchouch 41 The Gl & rous International Buffet with David Fischer 41 Caribbean Dream with Slim Khanchouch Photos: fotolia / dabjola, shutterstock / Natalia Klenova GenussMAGAZIN Backstage Special 21 Exclusive backstage specials CLR 25 Cook Lunch Run with the team from the Genussakademie IMPRINT: IMPRINT Publisher: Dr. Jan-Peter Eichhorn, Gerhard Krau & szlig; Managing Director: Stefan Wolff Editor-in-Chief: Bastian Fiebig (viSdP) Art Director: J & ouml; rg Niehage Layout: Klaus G & uuml; nter Berger, Petra Bruder, Sabine Zuleger CvD: Sabine Charlotte Naujoks-Petri (SCN Presseb & uuml; ) Authors: Bastian Fiebig, Florian Fix, Leonie Karn Correction: Sabine B & uuml; sgen Publishing and editorial address: Presse Verlagsgesellschaft für Zeitschriften und neue Medien mbH, Ludwigstra & szlig; e 33–37, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Tel. 069 97460- 322, Fax 069 97460-8322 (also summonsable address for the persons responsible and authorized representatives named in the imprint) Advertisements: Antje K & uuml; mmerle (property management), Tel. 069 97460-634, [email protected]; Susanne Becker, Tel. 069 97460-368, [email protected] Production: Nicole Bergwein, Monika Kiss, Emir Vučić Marketing / Sales: Michelle Weise (Head), Tel. 069 97460-332, Patrick St & uuml; rtz, Tel. 069 97460 -340, [email protected] Production: Jonas Lohse (Head), Tel. 069 97460-455, Klaus G & uuml; nter Berger Printing: Westdeutsche Verlags- und Druckerei GmbH, Kurhessenstr. 4–6, 64546 M & ouml; rfelden-Walldorf. The GenussMAGAZIN cooperates with the Genussakademie Frankfurt am Main: Gro & szlig; e Bockenheimer Stra & szlig; e 24 (Fressgass'), 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Tel. 069 97460-60 Online: www.genussakademie.com, Hotline: 069 97460-666 Business & auml; Head of department: Bastian Fiebig, Tel. 069 97460-660, E-Mail: b fi [email protected] Program planning / Marketing: Leonie Karn, Tel. 069 97460-661, E-Mail: [email protected]; Place of jurisdiction: Frankfurt am Main am Main. Reprinting, even in part, is only permitted with the publisher's written approval. Advertisement price list No. 25 of 01/01/2014 applies. & copy; 2014 Presse Verlagsgesellschaft f & uuml; r Zeitschrften und neue Medien mbH 4 04-05_GM 04-14 Inhalt.indd 4 GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 15.09.14 15:50 Contents THE LEARNING COURSES EXPERIENCE PLEASURE TRAVEL PLEASURE This is all about learning. We cook, you enjoy. Great trips and weekends basics food weekends pasta & amp; Sauces - Basics Fish - Basics Meat - Basics Poultry - Basics Vegetables - Basics Absolute Beginners - 5 steps to becoming a hobby chef 43 The Absolute Beginners Winter Camp 48 NEW: Food and drink with Hannes Ceglarz 48 The finest meat - the Tasting 64 Romance with star with Sebastian L & uuml; hr with Daniel Primke and David Fischer 48 Alles K & auml; se in Hungen with Reiner Wechs 48 The finest seafood - the tasting with Daniel Primke 48 The secrets of gastronomy with Astrid Keim 64 Hubertushof with Chris Schuppert 65 NEW: WILD cooking im Spessart Gartechniken Drink Travel 49 Champagne and HairSPA & amp; Whiskytasting 66 The culinary metropolis: Valencia! 42 42 43 43 43 43 44 44 44 44 44 Steam and low temperature cooking Master of the pan: pan frying The wonderful world of braised meat The basic sauces - the soul of every dish The sauce pro fi finely tuned 45 45 45 45 45 50 50 Bake your own bread Nice desserts, homemade shellfish and crustaceans Small and fine - finger food raw! Chopped! Delicious! - the Tatar course knife sharp! Very sleek! & amp; the team of the Kronenschl & ouml; sschens with Gloria Weitz 65 The temple of pleasure with Ludger Helbig 66 Cooking in the castle hotel Gedern with Hubertus Schultz with barber 50 Tomilaia & amp; Friends with Tom Bock 50 Wine & amp; Cheese - a harmonious duet with Bastian Fiebig 50 This is how wine works with Bastian Fiebig 50 Chocolate and wine - Brazilian seduction with Mirian Rocha 50 Cognac, rum & amp; Whiskey - the tasting with Jan Forsberg 50 pearly luxury - the champagne tasting with Bastian Fiebig 51 This is how sparkling wine works: Tasting in the Bardong sparkling wine factory with Norbert Bardong 51 Tapas and wine at the wine book with Andreas B & auml; cher 51 East meets West: between premium Sake and cheese with Yoshiko Ueno-M & uuml; ller Events 51 Illy in-house exhibition 51 Gourmet academy meets Zwilling 52 After-work chill-out with the gourmet academy team 52 Pot looking for a lid with Steffen Ott 52 Aristocracy at the stove: Lisbet II. Goes common - wealth! with Lisbet II. Windsor 52 3rd Ladies Night - American Dream with Slim Khanchouch 52 Cook and Dance with the team of the Genussakademie 56 New Year's Eve 2014 - The Royal Menu with David Fischer 56 New Year's Eve 2014 - 1001 Nights with Slim Khanchouch 56 New Year's Eve 2014 - Caribbean night with the team of the Genussakademie 60 An evening in Japan - the 20th kitchen party OUR PARTNERS 5 04-05_GM 04-14 Inhalt.indd 5 15.09.14 15:50 Magazine RHEIN-MAIN GOES OUT 2014! What's going on in the restaurant scene? Well, what was going on there? Several well-known restaurants had to go out of business this summer. But of course there were also lots of exciting new openings - not only in Frankfurt, but also in the entire Rhine-Main area. Text: Florian Fix Back in fashion: Landwehrst & uuml; bchen closed & quot ;, here & szlig; it on the website. The editors have not been able to provide any further information on these reasons so far, and the question of when or whether Mongo's will open again at all has unfortunately not been answered. The G. Buzzano in the Frankfurter Welle followed a little later: Slips of paper were stuck to the windows saying it was temporarily closed, but if you ask around in the neighborhood, that's the name of the restaurant will not open again. Allegedly, the operators Christoph Meier and Ahmed Yavuz disagreed on how to proceed with the mafia-themed restaurant. Finally, the Lamoraga in Junghofstrasse also filed for bankruptcy. The restaurant chain from Marbella, which 6 06-07_GM 04-14_Magazin.indd 6 wants to make contemporary Spanish cuisine known to the rest of the world, was recently named the best Spanish restaurant in town and has always been well attended. The bankruptcy could be averted in the restaurant in the Thurn-und-TaxisPalais: For Frohsinn GmbH, which has been running the restaurant and caf & eacute; The bankruptcy proceedings were opened on August 1st. The restaurant is still there, says operations manager Peter Kleper, only that it is now called Frohsein and is now managed by Urbane Gastronomieprojekt GmbH, which is also behind the Urban Kitchen. Of course there is also more positive news from the Main metropolis: The hosts of the Klabunt have finally found a new place of work and opened the successor restaurant Henscheid in Mainkurstrasse 27. Andreas Kramer, who runs the iconic pub together with Christa Brill, can see something positive about the involuntary move - the Klabunt building had to be demolished: “We have a much larger warehouse here and we can do it experiment better, ”says Kramer. A few months ago no one would have thought that the Landwehrst & uuml; bchen in Sachsenh & uuml; user Landwehrweg could become the new darling of the scene, but there has been a lot here since owner Peyman Far took over the traditional restaurant happens. The former fashion designer has completely turned the concept inside out and, in addition to creative, but still down-to-earth cuisine, also offers regular events, including crime evenings, vernissages, stand-up comedy or jam sessions with street musicians. There is also a new trendy restaurant in the Ostend on Hanauer Landstra & szlig; e with the Soul Kitchen. The former rooms of the Hall of Heroes are hardly recognizable: The gigantic statue had to give way, as well as the black leather chairs and the noble interior. Today in the Soul Kitchen you sit in comfortable high chairs in a living room look, with old-fashioned lights above the tables to match. The main focus of the kitchen is Mediterranean dishes. With the new opening of various vegan caf & eacute; s and restaurants, Frankfurt can now be considered the vegan capital of the republic. The latest addition is the extravegant on Berger Stra & szlig; e, where the owners Anja D & uuml; ppre and Nina Christmann have unusual creations such as Weber's new domicile: essWebers! Offer up beetroot rolls, tomato and chilli breads or quinoa salad. Guests can also look forward to cereals, homemade cakes and other foods to go. The emphasis on authentic Vietnamese cuisine is in the new Pho Ngon on Moselstrasse in the Bahnhofsviertel. The menu is only small, but photos: Landwehrst & uuml; bchen, essWebers, Alte Klosterm & uuml; hle, Jagdschloss Kranichstein In the middle of the summer, a huge wave of bankruptcies shook the restaurant scene - within a few weeks, various large companies had to Cancel the sails, file for bankruptcy, close. It all started with the Mongo’s on Hanauer Landstra & szlig; e, where guests suddenly stood in front of locked doors. The restaurant is "for technical reasons until further notice GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 14.09.14 19:39 Magazin not at all Spartan: old cloister mills everything freshly made. Together with the modern interior design, this has made it difficult to find a free table without a reservation. Thinking outside the box There are also promising new openings in the Rhine-Main area. First we go to the Taunus: In Usingen, Uwe Weber, the former chef of the Emma Metzler restaurant on the Museumsufer in Sachsenhausen, opened the essWebers together with his wife. The restaurant is housed in a real cultural monument - the 315-year-old Liefrink House, which has now been lovingly restored based on a historical model. International gourmet cuisine with a regional touch is offered. There is also an exciting new restaurant in the old walls in the Wetterau - the Alte Klosterm & uuml; hle in the Arnsburg monastery in Lich. The traditional restaurant in the former Cistercian monastery was closed for a year, during which it was extensively renovated. The freshly baked owner and head chef in personal union is the 31-year-old Marcus Geist, who previously cooked at such renowned addresses as the Kameha Suite and in the restaurant of the Alte Oper. Finally there is new life in the Hotel Jagdschloss Kranichstein: Those who want to enjoy the last beautiful sunny days of the year will not only find one of the most beautiful terraces in the Rhine-Main area, but also fine cuisine in the Kavaliersbau restaurant with a regional and at the same time international character. In addition, the popular and lavish Sunday brunch has also been reintroduced. Anyone who has not been to Seligenstadt for a long time has every reason to visit soon with the reopening of the MainChateau. The former MainTerrassen have been lovingly renovated by an investor and are now presented in a new look. The Mediterranean restaurant and the terrace are already open, and the Palatium fine dining restaurant will shortly be added to the concept. Practical: If you want, you can book a room directly on site - and enjoy the phenomenal view of the Main when you get up! And the star cuisine? There's nothing new about Matthias Schmidt's move and his Villa Merton restaurant. As already announced in spring, the two-star chef will be leaving Villa Merton in Bockenheim due to differences with the lessor, the Union International Club, in order to find a new contact point at another location in Frankfurt. For gourmets to open up and to further develop his Nova-regio cuisine. Not just for gentlemen: The Kavaliersbau.Also star chef Andr & eacute; Gro & szlig; feld, who will take over the restaurant in the Villa Merton, has not yet found a successor for his guest room for the senses in the Friedberg district of Dorheim. You don't want to miss any news from the gastronomy landscape? Are you looking for the most exciting dates related to enjoyment at a glance? Then order our free weekly newsletter today, the GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 06-07_GM 04-14_Magazin.indd 7 14.09.14 19:39 Products when visiting the chef Saison Visiting: Marc Schulz After Martin left Steiner has put an end to K&K on the plate: Marc Schulz is the new man at the stove at the Max on One in the Hotel Jumeirah and stands for refreshingly creative product cuisine with global reference points. Text: Bastian Fiebig, Photos: Dirk Ostermeier T here are not many chefs who fully acknowledge their heart and soul in the hotel industry. Marc Schulz is one of them, because he loves the variety and the excitement when guests from all over the world with their very special desires and culinary preferences challenge him to give his best and maybe also eight bridge another bottleneck with creativity to really make everyone happy. This tendency to tension runs through the life of the native Krefeld native. His story began after graduating from secondary school: gardening and landscaping or the kitchen, that was the crucial question. A school internship provided clarity, and not information and bookings via the hotline 069 97460-666 (Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm) or at www.genussakademie.com 08-11_GM 04-14_Kuechenchef.indd 8 GenussMAGAZIN 4 / 2014 09/14/2014 7:46 p.m. in any run-of-the-mill restaurant, but at Jean-Claude Bourgueil's in Kaiserswerth Restaurant Schiffchen. He took the young Marc hard, but that made him even more curious. So for three years he went to the boardroom of Bayer AG in Krefeld for an apprenticeship and then straight away to the right league: Tiefenbacher's Duke of Burgundy in Neuss was Schulz's first job before the federal government moved him to what is probably his most remote branch in Canada ordered. Which clearly impressed Marc Schulz, because even if his following stations were still in Germany - Marc was clearly drawn to the country “far, far away”. So he first went to the F & auml ;hrhaus on Sylt as a clerk, then on to D & uuml; sseldorf to the Steigenberger Parkhotel, then as Demi Chef de Partie to the prestigious Le Cheval Blanc in the Hubbelrath district, where he took up his post after a short time the sous chef changed. Sounds spectacular and it is, but much more important in Marc Schulz's life was the fact that during the 30 months at Cheval Blanc he got to know and love his wife, who has accompanied him on the winding paths of a top chef ever since. Masterful! What was still missing was the title of master chef, which Schulz earned within a very short time in full-time mode at the Steigenberger Academy in Bad Reichenhall. Then the Waldhotel Mangold called in Bensberg, and Marc Schulz was head chef of a restaurant for the first time, but the news soon reached him that the renowned Breidenbacher Hof was opening its doors again - a team was sought and with Schulz found the right sous chef, because under Michael Reinhardt Schulz liked to take another step backwards. Interesting detail: The Breidenbacher Hof belongs to the Capella hotel group. It is active worldwide, and the outstanding skills of the young chef did not remain hidden from the management for long. Soon you needed a capable man who would wield the culinary scepter for new openings and train the team on site - Schulz was the right person. First it went to Schloss Felden in Austria, then to Sentosa Island in Singapore, on to New York to the Setai and finally to Auburn, where Schulz contributed his ideas and concepts for two years as Executive Chef. An exciting, formative time in which Schulz also taught at high school and thus got to know another important facet of the art of cooking: imparting knowledge to future generations. And that at an age when others are shy and shy and think outside the box. A DIALOGUE OF CULTURES The call to the Main metropolis What followed reminds us a little of the football clubs from Dortmund and Munich: With the Jumeirah Group, a global player in the luxury hotel business contacted Schulz to convince him of an involvement in to convince his Frankfurt branch. He had stayed here just before leaving for America and ate in the cozy and elegant restaurant - now, after a brief period of thought, Schulz took his place as captain at the stove. The card has been fundamentally rewritten and is now based on seasonally available products, with which Marc Schulz can sometimes make RESERVATIONS AT: [email protected] OR TELEPHONE 069 38988 660 WWW.KEMPINSKI-FRANKFURT.DE IN COOPERATION WITH GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 08- 11_GM 04-14_Kuechenchef.indd 9 14.09.14 19:46 Visit to the chef THOMAS 'HOUSE STORIES Thomas Haus, chef since the very beginning and owner of the Goldman restaurant for a year, cooks according to his principle “the best of the simple “, Seasonally marked and with fresh products from trusted dealers in the region. He now lives out the experiences he was able to gain in Frankfurt, Hamburg and on the world's oceans in his own restaurant and pampers his guests with it. Have lunch or eat while walking? A few days ago I had five well-known guests for lunch in my restaurant, who excitedly and in a bad mood asked for a table. The special thing about it: You just came back from lunch (!) And shortly beforehand got something from the Far East on the table or in your hand in the neighborhood for a few euros. The story was quickly told: According to the guests, the dishes were so greasy and of poor quality that they decided to order something fresh from us after all. The desire for a little rest, reliable quality, nice, attentive service and our kitchen were obviously plausible arguments after this experience to forget what happened. Unfortunately, it is part of the street scene to constantly meet people everywhere who are eating sandwiches, burgers, pizza or dinners, flatbreads and much more by hand - it is often almost disgusting to see this spectacle to pursue. Of course there is well-made street and soul food, I myself am a big sandwich lover, fresh falaffel and humus can make me just as happy, only fresh and good ingredients have to be the basis. Highly individual, but by no means absurdly experimental culinary masterpieces developed. For example, he cooks the salmon in honeycombs that come from the hotel's own beekeeping on the roof of the Jumeirah, without alienating the fish's aroma - respect and curiosity are in perfect balance at Schulz. If you ask him about role models, the name Heinz Beck drops out after a short break. The German three-star star is a living legend in the Italian capital of Rome, stands like no other for the ideal presentation of the highest quality ingredients and made a lasting impression on Schulz, but also a national cuisine that you hardly expect from a chef of this class plays an important role for him: In Mexico, the young chef got to know and love the original cuisine of the country in small mobile kitchens installed on trucks. Mature performance Everything in the Max on One revolves around the basic product, and how seriously Schulz takes the subject is demonstrated by the glass ripening room for meat, which is right next to the open kitchen, which everyone can see TV with the perfect program for carnivores. The best pieces hang clearly visible and ripen towards their destination on the grill of the Max on One. Schulz sees the topic of regionality as flexible: If there are absolutely top-quality goods in the vicinity, this is the first choice for him. So it's not surprising that he gets along very well with Dirk Ludwig, because the butcher from the tranquil Schl & uumlchtern has long been one of the top addresses in Germany for uncompromising meat lovers. Great-great-great-grandfather Paul founded the family butcher's shop back in 1897, and since then, quality has been the focus of Ludwig's work. Up until the Dirk generation, business was done very traditionally here, but no sooner had he taken the helm than the already used concept of thinking outside the box became the norm. The newly designed, spectacular sales rooms were only a visible sign of an important change, because Dirk Ludwig wanted to turn the regionally known company into a national player. But not through quantity, but with uncompromising quality and the right hand for marketing in order to bring his company to as many connoisseurs and top chefs as possible. Among the 400 best butchers, mobile sandwich stations, pizza service and fast food suppliers bene fi t from the trend of eating while standing and on the way to the office, but the problem is probably deeper: As long as the consumer is satisfied with it, for 2 to To get 5 euros a lunch, the situation does not change. I myself don't manage to go to lunch every day, but I realize how happy it makes me to do something good for myself. To take time to pause for a moment, to cook for the family, to have good conversations alone or with business partners and to enjoy fresh quality. Our eating habits should not be reduced to mere food intake, lunch is also about lifestyle, culture and culinary yoga. The five guests, by the way, sat together until late in the evening and talked loudly and lively! Your Thomas Haus 10 Marc Schulz in his realm Information and bookings via the hotline 069 97460-666 (Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm) or at www.genussakademie.com 08-11_GM 04-14_Kuechenchef.indd 10 GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 14.09.14 7:46 p.m. Visit to the head chef CULINARY OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Dripped carpaccio from Nebraska beef Frankfurter herbs by Marc Schulz Ingredients for about 10 servings 1 kg beef fillet Middle cut 2 bunch of fresh Frankfurter beef from Nebraska beef 200 g wild herb salad 50 g black juice 100 g parmesan 25 g roasted pine nuts olives salt, pepper They still exist: happy cooking! FOR THE FRANKFURTER PESTO Mix the washed and plucked Frankfurt herbs together with 50 g Parmesan, 10 g black citrus, pine nuts and some olive oil in a blender to make a fine pesto. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Germany's in Feinschmecker magazine? Almost a matter of course today. World record holder for cutting sausage to the gram? Rather not! Always on the go FOR THE CARPACCIO Cut the beef fillet center piece with a sharp knife lengthways like a roll roast. Season the meat with salt and pepper and brush generously with the Frankfurt pesto. Roll up the prepared meat again like a roulade. Wrap tightly with cling film and aluminum foil and freeze in the freezer. Today, Dirk Ludwig takes very long journeys to get really excellent meat from farmers who still value species-appropriate husbandry and who also care for and breed animal breeds that have become rare. Ludwig is the winner of the ideas competition “Mach den Superladen” as well as the winner of the “Stars des Handwerks” competition and sensory expert for meat and meat products from the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft eV, already has a book with the title “Cooking is a matter of the heart ”and still likes to come personally to the kitchen party at Max on One, to be very close to his guests and customers. This closeness to the guest is the program here, and so Schulz confesses somewhat shyly that the open kitchen is now and then also the right program for couples who otherwise don't have much to say to each other. In any case, the lively hustle and bustle around the stove and grill provides plenty of talking point, and so does the culinary art on the plate. In Dirk Ludwig Schulz has definitely found the right partner for his relaxed, creative product kitchen, and anyone who has now become curious about how Marc Schulz moves in his realm can either book a table in the Max on One or simply Book one of the rare places in his exclusive cooking courses for the Genussakademie - it's worth it! Brush 10 fl at large plates with a little olive oil with a brush so that the carpaccio does not stick to the plate. Cut the prepared and frozen meat into thin slices using a slicer and arrange about 20 slices per plate. Season the wild herb salad in a bowl with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and distribute on the plates. Using a drop slicer, slice the rest of the black drop onto the plate, as well as the rest of the parmesan. MARC SCHULZ - NEBRASKA LIES AT THE MAIN MEN & Uuml;: Baked beef tartare, hour egg, wild herb Nebraska fillet, broad beans, black garlic, pork popcorn, white chocolate, poppy seeds, fennel, marzipan DATES: Sat, 17.01.2015, 12.00-16.00 , 02/14/2015, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. Sat, 03/28/2015, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. LOCATION: Max on One in Hotel Jumeirah, Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2 GenussMAGAZIN 4/2014 08-11_GM 04-14_Kuechenchef.indd 11 ✂ COST: 98 € | 88 € with Genuss-Card 11 14.09.14 19:47 Timeless elegance + EDITION There are ideas that never go out of style. Because they do not have their roots in passing trends, but in consistent quality standards, unparalleled functionality and classic style. The + EDITION shows again and again what it means to call a luxury kitchen your own. With its timeless frame designs, it stands for quality internationally and is a daily reason for its owner to be proud. poggenpohl.com Poggenpohl 2_1 GM04-14.indd 1 09/11/2014 12:29 PM Poggenpohl Forum GmbH Hochstr. 49 60313 Frankfurt Tel. 069-1338309-0 [email protected]