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The 13 best musical instruments for kids [guide]

As diverse as the positive effects of active music-making can be - this is a basic requirement correct choice of children's instrument. This is the only way to be sure that making music will be a lasting pleasure.

Since every child is different in their development, should not just age can be used as a basis for decision-making, but also the individual mental and physical level of development - as well as the preferences of the child.

info: Basically are for children from 1 to 6 years "toy instruments" useful for trying it out for the first time. First from approx. 6 years come "Real" musical instruments for children in question - which, however, are also much higher in price.

tip: The compact overview for Educational toys for children can be found here.

Children's instruments checklist

  • First and foremost, a Child playing an instrumentbecause it wants it itself and the child wants it joy makes. Only then is the basis created for a whole series positive effects from making music.
  • For Children from 1 year usually applies: Toy instruments to get to know each other for the first time are completely sufficient (and are much cheaper to buy). Rhythm or Percussion instruments like a drum or a tambourine are at this age optimal. Important: For toy instruments for children up to 3 years of age, the Toy standard EN 71 be fulfilled.
  • Children from 3 years can be slow introduced to higher quality instruments but the playful aspect should still remain in focus. The simple plastic drum can now be turned into a children's drum kit, for example.
  • From approx. 6 years one can make music with real musical instruments operate more seriously: Please make absolutely sure that an instrument is acquired right at the beginning, the one good workmanship and one good sound having. Otherwise, the motivation goes down the drain if, even with the most diligent practice and experimentation, no sensible chord can be coaxed from the instrument.
  • Polyphonic, that is polyphonic sounding instruments usually take care of faster sense of achievement, because "melodious" chords can be elicited relatively quickly (from approx. 6 years). The classic: The guitar (Important: note the size chart for children's guitars), the piano (here our purchase advice for electric pianos) or a accordion.

Recommended children's instruments from 1 year

For beginners and children from 12 months Rhythm instruments optimal - Different pitches like e.g. with a keyboard are not absolutely necessary at this age. Because: the rhythm is the most important basis of "making music" - and not only with music: the ticking of a clock, your own heartbeat - yes, in the best case scenario, life goes on in a “good rhythm”.

What products do parents recommend?
The following selection takes into account the 5 quality criteria of the Dads-Proofed seal: experience reports, reviews, number of purchases, test marks & seal of approval.

Important for instruments for Children under 3 years: With these models, theToy standard EN 71 must be fulfilled in order to ensure safety in terms of material, volume or saliva resistance. "

Ralph Voggenreiter
Expert in children's instruments

Baby drum

A baby drum promotes sensorimotor skills - and also trains cognitive skills such as memory. And last but not least: Drumming is just fun - especially babies and children.
Important with a baby drum: the material must be hard-wearing so that it can withstand impacts of (almost) any strength. If that is the case, then there is such a drum suitable for children / babies from approx. 1 year.

Little baby drum

This double-sided baby drum is made entirely of extremely hard-wearing plastic - and you will find sharp edges or corners here (luckily) in vain.
With a diameter of around 20 cm, the size was optimally chosen for babies and small children from around 12 months.
beluga toys 67004 - giraffe drum
  • Giraffe is the result when a love for children is mixed with a love for music
  • Now there are also the new giraffe instruments to play along with the songs
  • High quality metal frame for tensioning the drum surface
  • Including 2 drumsticks, a strap and a tensioning key
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 13 cm

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Tambourine for children

Simple but highly effective: Similar to a drum is also a Tambourine perfect for children from 12 months suitable to that Sense of rhythm to train - here too the sensorimotor and cognitive skills addressed and trained by children. And: in addition to the musical aspect, this instrument trains that due to its construction Understand cause and effect.

Hape: Small tambourine from 12 months

A tambourine made of wood in a very good manufacturing quality - and the colors are water-based: This is important because the instrument is touched intensively and for a long time when making music.

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Recommended children's instruments from 3 years

Even at this age, the playful aspect is still clearly in the foreground. But children learn - especially in the first years of life - very quickly. Therefore you can Children from 3 years already on somewhat "more complex" instruments be introduced. Or do from this point on Instruments with different pitches (e.g. glockenspiel or recorder) sense. And already known instruments can expanded become: For example, a simple plastic drum can be turned into a drum kit.

Children's guitar (toy)

While you can't get instruments for less than 100-150 euros for serious learning to play a guitar, see that at Toy guitars much cheaper in terms of price. But: Such instruments are well suited for “getting to know each other”, but not as an instrument for serious learning to play the guitar. But even with toy guitars, it can't hurt to know / observe the most important quality criteria for guitars.

For getting to know music for the first time or for children from approx. 5-6 years e.g. this 1/2 children's guitar have a lot of fun:

1/2 children's guitar by Voggenreiter for children

This 1/2 concert guitar for children with a classic look is a bestseller in this size category. The high quality of the guitar is also due to the materials used, linden and poplar.

Conclusion: The perfect one Entry-level model for children from about 6 years.

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Toy keyboard

Children get instruments like the keyboard quick "sense of achievement" - and motivate you to keep going. Why? Polyphonic, that is polyphonic instruments with a little practice, enable "melodious" chords to be achieved relatively quickly, which in both children and listeners can make the happiness hormone level (i.e. dopamine) soar!

Here is a selection of toy keyboards for children from 3 years:

Renfox: Children's keyboard with 61 keys

This children's keyboard comes with a whole range of additional functions.
But the most important details are: The keyboard has it 61 keys one sufficient large range. And the Buttons are smaller and thus for children's hands and fingers perfectly suited.

Conclusion: An entry-level model to try out for the first time, which is very well suited to children's hands. Suitable for children from around 3 years.

Simba 104018188 - ABC Animal Keyboard 28 x 39 cm
  • Discover the world in a playful way with ABC! ABC arouses the curiosity of babies and toddlers from 0-36 months with age-appropriate products and supports the development in ...
  • The cheerful, colorful animal keyboard offers extensive playing and music-making options. Little musicians have a lot of fun with the animal keyboard and also encourage ...
  • In addition to the numerous melodies, toddlers also get to know their sounds when pressing the animal buttons. With the animal keyboard, children can play different animal sounds and ...
  • The animal keyboard is 39cm long and suitable for children from 36 months
  • Batteries 2x 1.5V LR6 included

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Xylophone / carillon for children

Like a drum, a carillon promotes a child's sense of rhythm and thus sensorimotor and cognitive abilities. As a xylophone, however Sounds of different pitches can be elicited with this instrument too first children's songs possible. For Children from 3 years is that instrument ideal for getting started into the world of music and sounds.

Colorful wooden xylophone

This maple wood xylophone is not only visually appealing: it really is tuned cleanthat the different tones are exactly recognizable - and thus also first children's songs can be played.
This instrument will handmade in Germany and is for Children from about 3 years perfectly suited.
Toy xylophone for children made of wood with 12 tones - UNDANGERED - Beautiful carillon with ...
  • & # 9989 GREAT TOY INSTRUMENT BUT NOT PERFECTLY TUNED: Wood is a natural material and tuning individual tones is extremely complex. This is not guaranteed here, ...
  • & # 9989 CREATIVE FUN: The wooden xylophone for children from 3 years brings a lot of fun and sounds into your home; With the 12 colorful sound bars (not tuned) your ...
  • & # 9989 MODERN COLORS & LUMINOUS CHILDREN'S EYES: The Lisa & Max xylophone made of wood appears in contrast to other, often dreary, wooden toys in particularly bright colors that ...
  • & # 9989 DURABLE & SAFE: Developed with love in Germany, the colored xylophone has rounded edges and is made from sustainable wood in high quality ...
  • & # 9989 COMBINATION & COORDINATION: Every beat a different tone? Not only hand-eye coordination is trained with the toy, sound tones are also gradually improved with the ...
Hape E0305 - xylophone and hammer set, knocking bench, made of wood, from 12 months
  • One toy, two functions: The hammer game is also a xylophone that can be removed and played individually
  • Look forward to this dual function game. After hammering, the balls roll over the xylophone and create great sounds
  • And the best? You can take out the xylophone and use it to make music without using a hammer
  • The colorful blocks and sound discs of this wooden toy introduce you to the world of colors and encourage counting
  • The xylophone motivates little music lovers from 12 months to make noise and make music
The colorful glockenspiel set by Voggenreiter Glockenspiel in C major with wooden mallets and glockenspiel school ...
  • The glockenspiel comes with eight high-quality, colorful metal sound bars that are tuned in a diatonic scale from C to C.
  • The carillon set by Voggenreiter also contains two wooden mallets made of alder wood for playing the xylophone
  • The glockenspiel school imparts initial knowledge of glockenspiel in a child-friendly way with matching colored notes; 64 pages; DIN A5 landscape format
  • Body material: alder wood, sound bars material: metal, color: brown / multicolored, length: 23.5 cm, weight: 544 g
  • Scope of delivery: carillon, two wooden mallets, the small carillon school (textbook)

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Drums for toddlers

The next rhythmic step leads from the simple toy drum from about 3 years to the first drum kit. A toy drum kit is completely sufficient for the first “go ahead” - complete sets are available for well under 100 euros. For older children from about 6 years on the other hand, a drum kit in the order of less than 150-200 euros makes little sense if you have this Seriously learn the instrument want.

Cherrystone: Complete set of children's drums

This Drum kit is perfect in terms of size Children from 3 years Voted. It consists of a drum, snare, bass drum (including foot pedal) and a cymbal. Also included is a height-adjustable stool with foldable metal tripod and rubber caps on the feet.

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Recorder for children

The recorder is considered to be that Classic among the entry-level instruments for children as they perfect for small children's hands and also for that Lip muscles of children is. First experiences with a recorder can already be found in Age around 3-4 years be made.

C soprano recorder for children from 3 years

A recorder in C soprano with German fingering and single hole. Consists of crack-resistant sycamore maple, with a warm sound and a balanced mood. Suitable for both advanced and beginners.

Conclusion: The perfect entry-level flute for children from around 3 years.

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Percussions for children

Percussion instruments are not only a lot of fun - they also practice it in a playful way Sense of rhythm as sensorimotor and cognitive skills. And the Relationship between cause and effect is particularly clear in percussions due to the construction - which many pedagogues as particularly positive consider.

This selection of percussions is for Children from around 3 years suitable:

Cahaya: Large percussion set for children from 3 years

This set unites 10 different percussions. The material (wood and plastic) is pollutant-free, with a smooth surface and without sharp edges - thus perfect for children from 3 years. A tambourine, castanets and a triangle are also included.
Voggenreiter 781 - triangle
  • From the ship's bell to the forge to the food signal: endless sound possibilities!
  • Wooden handle for a secure hold in small hands
  • Complete with metal rod for attachment
  • Size: about 10x10 cm
  • From 3 years
Voggenreiter 780 - chime bars 1 pair
  • The invitation to cheerfully beat the beat!
  • Excellent for the first rhythm experience!
  • Fit perfectly in children's hands
  • Waxed wood for a velvety soft feel
  • From 3 years
Hape E0301 E0301 rhythm set, 3-part
  • Rhythm set for making music for the first time
  • Klapperdiklapp! These simple instruments create a lot of fanfare.
  • Listen to all sorts of music with your child. Sing songs.
  • Water-based paints
  • suitable from 12 months
Haba 7733 - music eggs, 5 colorful rattle eggs, made of wood, to promote musical development ...
  • Rattling, rattling, rattling, chirping or ringing - the five musical eggs made of beech have great acoustic effects to offer
  • Every musical egg makes a different sound. This is how making music is fun
  • Great for stimulating a sense of rhythm and musicality from an early age
  • Beautiful, colorful sound toys that are easy to grab and shake with children's hands
  • The musical toy is also great to take with you on the go
HABA 7731 carillon with clapper
  • The colorful carillon from HABA invites you to rehearse and conquer the hearts of little sound artists
  • Musical instrument for children from 2 years of age in an age-appropriate size and volume for acoustic experiment
  • Inventing sequences of sounds and playing back simple melodies is child's play with the HABA glockenspiel
  • Robust musical instrument made of beech wood and metal for children from 2 years with a wooden mallet
  • Promotes musical development, a sense of rhythm, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

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ORFF instruments

ORFF instruments are considered particularly valuable from an educational point of view - and also the Build quality with these instruments is special high-quality. You can for kids from about 3 years be used sensibly.

Orff set I.
  • 3 Pa. Claves beech dm 18 mm, 3 Pa. Wenge claves dm 18 mm
  • 1 small beech block drum, 1 wooden agogo
  • 1 small and 1 large beech tube drum
  • 4 lugs, 2 triangles
  • in a wooden box with a transparent lid, Made in Germany