Which PVC is used for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen floor coverings

Find the right flooring for the kitchen

The kitchen is an important and highly functional living space. Choosing the right floor covering for the kitchen is therefore important. People cook in the kitchen, meet in the kitchen, talk and smoke in the kitchen. Almost every party ends in the kitchen at some point. This also puts a strain on the kitchen floor. Due to the preparation of the food and drinks, something often falls down and stains have to be removed. The ability to hygienically clean the flooring is therefore very important. The floor in the kitchen should meet these requirements. Traditional mineral tiles are a good choice, but they also have disadvantages. It is easy to slip when it is a bit damp and the tile floor is very hard. You notice that when you have to stand in the kitchen for a long time. With a tiled floor, the acoustics also look more like a train station hall.

Which material is suitable for flooring in the kitchen?

Basically, all materials are suitable for a floor covering in the kitchen that can be cleaned with a damp cloth and that can also tolerate cleaning agents. In addition to tiles, linoleum was the first elastic floor covering to be used in the past, later PVC floors. Alongside mineral tiles, PVC floors and vinyl floors are the most frequently used floor coverings in kitchens today.

Requirements for modern flooring in the kitchen today

  • Floor covering should be as elastic as possible
  • Floor covering should be able to be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Floor covering should tolerate cleaning agents
  • Flooring should be as antimicrobial as possible
  • Floor covering should be extremely hard-wearing
  • Flooring should offer variable design options

Classic PVC flooring is still flooring number 2 in the kitchen

The above-mentioned requirements are best met by conventional PVC floors and the new design floors. The good old PVC floor (heterogeneous vinyl floor) from the hardware store is cheap and the best choice for the first student apartment. But what costs nothing is usually not good too much. Impressions and discolouration due to the migration of plasticizers as well as rapid wear of the wear layer are not the best evidence for cheap PVC flooring. Therefore, when buying a PVC floor from the roll, you should pay attention to quality for lasting pleasure. The manufacturers Gerflor (Texline Rustic) and Forbo (Novilux) offer high-quality PVC floors for the kitchen. The strength of PVC flooring for the kitchen is not a quality feature, as it is also achieved by inexpensive foaming of the flooring material and can leave persistent impressions through furniture. The wear layer of the covering is an important quality feature. It should be at least 0.2 mm. Here you will find a selection of high quality heterogeneous vinyl floors for the kitchen with stone or tile decor.

PVC floor in the kitchen - Gerflor Texline provence Ocre - lovingly nostalgic

Design floors meet requirements in the kitchen particularly well

Design floors meet the requirements of a floor covering for the kitchen particularly well. Even those who do not want to do without the classic tile look will surely find their design in the huge range of designer floors. Replicas of natural stone slabs such as slate, marble or travertine are no longer a problem in your own kitchen. Depending on the decor, design floor elements in the format of tiles or floorboards are very well suited for pasting over old tiles in the kitchen. Design flooring for gluing has an installation height of only approx. 2 mm only. The feeling of space is only imperceptibly changed, doors and frames usually do not have to be shortened. When gluing design flooring, however, the tile joints must be puttied out beforehand. The specialist speaks of the fact that the sub-floor has to be leveled, sanded and primed.

It is easier to lay designer floors with the click system directly over old tiles. The design floor coverings with the click system are 4 to 6 mm thick, multi-layer design floors are 5 to 10 mm thick. This means that they are usually stable enough to completely bridge unevenness. Some manufacturers recommend or even require the additional use of an underlay to compensate for unevenness and secure locking of the click system. The latest generation of click design floors have this insulation layer already laminated on the back and can be laid directly on tiles. The quick and dust-free renovation of the kitchen is now possible in a few hours thanks to modern design coverings.

Desigboden, the new flooring magic bullet for durable floors

If you want to achieve an authentic joint pattern, realistic surface structure and a higher class of use, all options and different types of laying are available with design floors. The latest generation of these floor coverings is called rigid design floors. The carrier boards of these floors are more stable, lighter and reduce the amount of vinyl material and thus the plasticizers required. The outstanding feature, however, is the impressively authentic look and feel with which design floors reproduce a wide variety of natural materials. Bevels on the reverse, surface embossing synchronized with the photo design and matt surfaces hardly allow any distinction from the models.

Design flooring products with a click system for the kitchen

Design floors from the well-known manufacturer Hamberger, for example, can be installed quickly and even on old flooring. HARO Disano SmartAqua has integrated the footfall sound insulation, which is also an underlay, on the back of the flooring panels. HARO Disano SmartAqua also offers the advantage of being 100% free of PVC and plasticizers and therefore certified with the "Blue Angel". An installation height of just 6 mm is ideal for renovation work directly on old tiles.

With an installation height of approx. 8 mm, the Parador Modular One Mahrschicht design floor is also not a "thick board" and also free of plasticizers and has been awarded the "Blue Angel" label. Those who prefer the most authentic wood decors are in the best position with this flooring product.

With an installation height of just 5 mm, the latest rigid design floor "Spirit Home 40 Comfort" from manufacturer berryAlloc scores. He has also integrated the footfall sound insulation, the decors are convincing and it is the cheapest floor in comparison.

berryalloc Spirit Home Click 40 Comfort design floor - mountain brown

With the 1000 Purline Click flooring collection, manufacturer wineo offers a design floor with a click system, which was one of the first design floorings to be presented without the controversial plasticizers and was awarded the "Blue Angel" award. The polyurethane surface is extremely hard-wearing.

Without claiming to be exhaustive, our last recommendation is the rigid multi-layer design floor "Plusnatura Ultra Pro" from the German manufacturer cortex. 100% waterproof, PVC-free, -18 dB footfall sound reduction through two integrated insulation layers, 7 mm installation height and commercial use class 33 speak for this floor covering in bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

The advantages of a click design floor in the kitchen

- Large selection of authentic wood and tile decors
- insensitive to moisture
- very easy and hygienic to clean
- warm to the feet and suitable for underfloor heating
- Can be laid directly on old tiles quickly and easily

Design coverings are available with authentic tile decors and with a click system. With 400 click and 600 click, wineo offers excellent floor coverings for the kitchen

Self-adhesive vinyl planks from Gerflor Senso

If old tiles in the kitchen are no longer nice and you want a nice warm floor covering, but you are still aiming for a nice and inexpensive renovation, the floor covering Gerflor Senso - self-adhesive vinyl design flooring boards is an excellent help. Due to the self-adhesive back of the vinyl plank, this floor covering can be laid by anyone. The joints may have to be filled and primed beforehand so that the joints do not push through the new kitchen flooring. Gerflor Senso is available in very beautiful rustic wood decors. The tiles and natural stone decors, which fit particularly well into the kitchen, are brand new. The tile decors are available in different formats:

Gerflor Senso adhesive boards Patchwork Gray flooring combined with a concrete kitchen

Linoleum - the forgotten healthy natural floor in the kitchen

Linoleum is often used in the commercial sector due to its high durability. But this linoleum flooring made from natural materials is also being rediscovered in the private sector such as in the kitchen. The floor covering, which consists of linseed oil, jute fabric and cork flour, is an ecological and health-friendly natural floor thanks to its materials. In contrast to the previously quite limited design selection, there is now linoleum with great marbling and fresh colors. Just the thing for the kitchen. Forbo's Marmoleum Modular, for example, offers a selection of 46 colors in different marbling in tile format for easier installation. The flooring is also available in four different tile sizes that can be combined with one another. There are no limits to creativity. Here, linoleum was laid with borders, which fits very well, especially in the kitchen

Even more design in the kitchen can be seen here with real flexible sandstone combined with dark design flooring tiles

Real flexible sandstone combined with dark designer flooring tiles