Why is hemp not used more often?

What influences the effects of cannabis?

The effects of cannabis can be very different: the spectrum of effects ranges from euphoric feelings to paralyzing indolence. Some claim not to feel anything, others just feel sick. When it comes to the effects of hashish or marijuana, there are big differences, both between users and the same person. In principle, the effect is therefore difficult to predict. However, it is known which factors influence the effects of cannabis:

The THC content of the drug

The amount of THC in marijuana or hashish can vary widely. Strains of marijuana grown indoors, in particular, can be high in THC.

The hashish or cannabis dose

The negative effects experienced may increase with a higher dose.

The form of consumption

If cannabis is eaten or drunk, the effects are delayed. This can easily lead to higher doses than intended. The most common is cannabis smoking. The "experts" use smoking devices such as the bong (special water pipe), which works roughly as it is called because a much larger amount of smoke is inhaled with one breath. The effect of cannabis consumed in this way is correspondingly stronger.


The immediate surroundings (setting or atmosphere)

On a sunny day, bobbing in a rowboat on the quarry pond, the cannabis rush will probably feel different than when fog, stroboscopic light and throbbing bass dominate the atmosphere.

The person (personality, mood, expectations)

As different as people are, so can the intoxication unfold. Only one thing is certain: if you are in a bad mood, you will definitely not be happy from smoking weed. Cannabis can increase the current mood (good as well as bad). The effects can be reversed even while intoxicated.