What are the students' perspectives on financial literacy

Dr. Buchtová was the coordinator and implementation specialist of the CITI - Masaryk University Financial Capability Program 2013 - 2015. Her involvement in financial education consisted in preparing the contents of the university course 'Financial Literacy', teaching students in financial matters and financial literacy, disseminating the activities among the disadvantaged Citizens as well as imparting financial knowledge in asylum houses, children's homes and prisons.

Dr. Buchtová also took part in international conferences on financial literacy issues such as the OECD Global Policy Research Symposium on the Promotion of Financial Literacy in Paris and the challenges and perspectives of youth financial literacy in Moscow. She also worked as a researcher at the Financial Education and Research Center at Massey University in New Zealand. Dr. Buchtová is certified for its expertise in the financial market.

Her teaching and research interests include subjects such as personal finance, basic finance, financial markets, and investments. Dr. Buchtová also worked as a project manager for a large European project, overseeing the organizational aspect of the project process, coordinating the project activities and the people involved in the project. Dr. Buchtová has also worked at Texas Tecg University, USA, where she lectured students on personal finance, financial advice and improving students' financial literacy.

Her extensive expertise includes various skills that she acquired as a project manager, coordinator of an EU project and university lecturer. She has taught financial education, worked with disadvantaged groups, including socially disadvantaged citizens, and advised on not only national but also international issues of financial education.