How have chakras helped you

With these tips you will balance your sacral chakra!

According to ancient Indian traditions, chakras are energy vortices that are located along the spine in the subtle body and supply our body with Prana, the life energy. "Chakra" is Sanskrit and means wheel, because the Energy vortex spinning like a wheel. Depending on how far someone has progressed in their development, the chakras rotate faster and change their color intensity. There are seven main chakras, with each chakra providing energy to a different area of ​​the body. So when our chakras are working well, we also feel physically and mentally healthy.

Each chakra can be activated and balanced by various aids. Vibrations are picked up that correspond to the chakra and thereby strengthen it. This energy can be balanced in the form of food, incense sticks and incense, essential oils, affirmations, energized water, colors and the like.

2nd chakra - sacral chakra (Svadhisthana chakra)

The 2. Chakra also becomes sacral chakra called and is about a hand's breadth below the navel. Just as the 1st chakra is the basis of our spiritual development, the 2nd chakra is responsible for our emotional development. It processes ours Emotions and feelings and is for the experience of enjoyment of lifeand the distribution of the vitalityresponsible. The sacral chakra is physically connected to the gonads, which is why it has to do with all topics related to sexuality and reproduction. Sexual disorders, infertility, and hormonal imbalances are all indicators of a disturbed sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra connects us with the subconscious and is the mediator between the material world (1st chakra - root chakra) and our will (3rd chakra - navel chakra). Everything material condenses in the sacral chakra to unconscious feelings and joie de vivre before it flows into conscious decisions and willpower in the navel chakra. The sacral chakra is connected to water, which is why all fluids in the body are connected to it: blood, lymph, urine, saliva, ...

If the chakra is blocked, we do not feel any joy in life. We are depressed and life often seems meaningless and meaningless. We also lack contact with our feelings. We cannot classify them and often we cannot perceive and interpret them correctly.

If, on the other hand, the sacral chakra works well, then we just pre-spray enjoyment of life, we look full optimism into the world and burst Thirst for action. We could then uproot the proverbial trees. Then everything in flux, Life flows through us without resistance and we are ready to accept what is. We can also deal well with the sometimes difficult tasks that life poses to us and gain something positive from all situations. We are ours Creativity conscious and bursting with energy. We are sensual, creative and sexually consistent.

This shows a disorder of the Sacral chakras in the body

Physical symptoms that indicate a disturbed and possibly blocked sacral chakra are diverse. Problems with the blood or that Lymphatic system such as edema, anemia or urinary tract infections are just as common as disorders in men and women Hormonal balance, Problems with the Kidneys or the bladder. Sexual disorders are also common.

Problems with the Reproductive organs, Menstrual cramps, impotence, infertility as well as excessive or too low Sexual urge are further signs of a not fully functional 2nd chakra.

Associated body systems: Blood, lymph, urinary bladder, kidney, salivary glands, reproductive organs

This shows a disturbance of the sacral chakra in the psyche

If we are not in the flow of life and feel little or no joy in life, we can develop a tendency to see life very pessimistically. The glass is then always half empty. This one Lack of zest for life we often try to compensate for a disturbed sacral chakra through substitute actions, we seek external satisfaction. Addictions are relatively common. Increased Alcohol consumption, Drug and sex addiction but also Anorexia or overeating are all signs of a disturbed 2nd chakra.
Since contact with one's own feelings is then difficult, it is not surprising that all emotions can also be disturbed: aggression, Violent fantasies, Coldness of feeling, jealousy, Fear of loss, Feelings of hatred or lack of compassion can arise.

This is how you strengthen your sacral chakra

To strengthen your sacral chakra, use as many different substances as possible that are assigned to this chakra. The oscillation frequency of the substances corresponds to the oscillation of a healed sacral chakra and can therefore balance the chakra and lead towards healing. These can be essential oils as well as incense, food, healing stones, colors or affirmations.

Aromatherapy to heal the sacral chakra

Every essential oil has a specific vibration frequency that we can use to heal the chakras. For example, you can mix a body oil with different essential oils that correspond to the sacral chakra. You use this in the morning after showering and rub it on your body. Another way to benefit from the effects of the essential oils is to use a diffuser. This transforms the essential oil into a fine mist and gently envelops the room in a healing scent.

Recipe: sacral chakra body oil
Mix 3 drops of essential grapefruit, ylang ylang, ginger and sandalwood oil in 50 ml of sesame oil. Alternatively, you can make a mixture of 50ml sesame oil, 10 drops of grapefruit and 5 drops of sandalwood.

Essential oils for the sacral chakra:Geranium, grapefruit, tangerine, ginger, sandalwood, ylang ylang

Energized water to heal the sacral chakra

Since the sacral chakra is our "water chakra", water in any form is suitable for balancing a disturbed sacral chakra. Swimming, diving and splashing around bring us into contact with the water within us.

In addition, water is a wonderful source of energy from which we can simply benefit in everyday life. It has enormous storage capacity and can be energized relatively easily. It stores the vibrations and transfers them to our subtle body when we drink. Water that is drunk from special chakra glasses balances the sacral chakra very well. You can also put a water glass on an orange surface or label it with affirmations. Gemstones that energize the water also have great potential to heal our chakras.

Precious stones for the sacral chakra: Citrine, carnelian, coral, jasper, moonstone, mookaite

Incense to heal the sacral chakra

The chakras can also be balanced through incense. The energies of incense specifically transform negative energies and harmonize not only our subtle body systems, but also aura, spaces and co. Incense substances that correspond to the sacral chakra or incense sticks that are specifically made to harmonize the sacral chakra are available here.

Incense:Vanilla, Styrax, Benzoin, Rosewood, Angelica Root, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Dragon Blood, Frankincense

If you are unsure how to smoke properly, then take a look at our guide: How to smoke properly.

Orange for healing the sacral chakra

The color orangestands for the sacral chakra, accordingly everything orange can have a balancing effect: orange clothing, orange jewelry or orange food can help here.

Food to heal the sacral chakra

Food is used to supply our body with energy. And not only with combustion energy, but also with subtle energy, namely life energy Prana. All orange foods can help to balance the chakra here. Mind you, only plant-based foods are meant here, because only plant-based foods provide and strengthen our vitality, whereas animal-based foods weaken the vital energy in any case.

Food for the sacral chakra: Carrots, oranges, orange peppers, grapefruit, mandarins, papaia, apricot, persimmon, Hokkaido pumpkin, sweet potatoes, peach, coconut

Affirmations and meditation to heal the sacral chakra

All chakras can pass through perfectly meditation and focus on Affirmations be cured. It is important to carry out the meditations and affirmations for a few weeks or - if the sacral chakra is severely blocked - for months continuously and preferably daily. Ten minutes of meditation a day is often enough as long as you practice it daily. You concentrate quietly on your own breath and try not to be distracted by thoughts and feelings. If thoughts, feelings or memories arise - and they almost certainly will - one observes them, thinks: "Thought" or "Feeling" and returns to observing the breath.
Affirmations are sentences that reprogram the subconscious and so subtly change the structure of our being. Either one integrates the affirmations into the daily meditation practice by concentrating not on the breath but on the affirmations and continuously repeating them in one's mind. Or you take your time in bed in the evening before going to sleep and repeat the affirmations in your mind for a few minutes. Likewise, one can mentally recite the affirmations again and again during the day.

Affirmation for the sacral chakra: “I am firmly anchored in the joy of being alive. I love life and life loves me. I happily and freely recognize and respect my feelings. "

Yoga for healing the sacral chakra

Yoga exercises can also help balance the sacral chakra. Correctly performed yoga exercises become meditations. Each asana (body position) directs the energies in the body into different areas, cleanses the chakras and supplies us with prana.

Yoga exercises for the sacral chakra: Especially the cobra, the position of the child and the bow strengthen the sacral chakra.

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