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For the heart: 5 romance novels from 2018 that you have to read now

Whether snuggled up because it's snowing outside or on the veranda in spring: Reading makes you happy and lowers the level of stress. Particularly popular for cozy hours: romantic romance novels. If you are also a big fan of stories for the heart and are still looking for reading material for 2019, you have come to the right place.

We introduce you to 5 romance novels that were rightly among the bestsellers in 2018 and that you should definitely read. With these books, nothing stands in the way of the New Year's resolution "read more".

1. This can only happen to me - Mhairi McFarlane

Mhairi McFarlane has written several romance novels. It landed a Spiegel bestseller with "Maybe I like you tomorrow" from 2015. In 2018 her new novel "Something like that can only happen to me" was published. Joke and anger, joy and love: With this story, too, you can look forward to a lot of pure feeling.

The romantic comedy is about the chaotic Georgina. Georgina is in her early 30s and everything just goes wrong in her life. First she loses her job, then she is betrayed by her boyfriend Robin. Georgina is trying to solve her problems and is looking for a new job, but things are simply not going well there either. Because her new boss was her great love when she was at school. And the relationship wasn't under a lucky star ...

You can order the book "Something like that can only happen to me" here at Amazon.

2. Where to Find Each Other - Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is one of the most widely read authors in the world, and almost all of his romance novels landed on bestseller lists. "Where We Find Each Other" from 2018 revolves around 36-year-old Hope Anderson. She is at a point in her life where she doubts that she would like to continue as before. Is your longtime boyfriend really the right one? And what is in store for you now that your father suffers from a deadly disease?

Hope breaks off for a week and moves into the family's idyllic beach house. There she meets the adventurous Tru - it's love at first sight. Does your young relationship stand a chance despite the family obligations?

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3. The apple tree - Christian Berkel

Christian Berkel is actually known as an actor, for example from the film "The Experiment". In 2018 he published the romance novel "The Apple Tree", which is about his own family - and landed a Spiegel bestseller right away.

Sala and Otto are thirteen and seventeen years old when they fall in love. But they live in Berlin in the 1930s. And the Jewess Sala will soon have to leave her German homeland. An attempt to escape fails, but she survives the camp to which she is deported. Otto goes to war as a medical doctor. In 1950 he returned to destroyed Germany.

Sala has since traveled all the way to Buenos Aires in the hope of building a life for herself. She fails and travels back to Germany. Ten years have passed since she saw Otto. Suddenly she discovers his name in the phone book ...

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4. The women from the Löwenhof - Corina Bomann

Three parts of the romance novel series "Die Frauen vom Löwenhof" were published in 2018. All of them made it onto the Spiegel bestseller list. The titles are about three different women from three different generations. It all started with "Agneta's legacy".

The protagonist Agneta lives in Stockholm. With a heavy heart, she left her family to pursue herself as a painter. Then she found out via a telegram that her father was killed in a fire. She is supposed to take over the inheritance as landlady of the Löwenhof. She is actually very happy in her relationship with attorney Michael. Nevertheless, Agneta decides to continue the family tradition and moves to the farm. But the longing for love remains ...

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5. Without a single word - Rosie Walsh

The story that the romance novel "Without a Single Word" is about is probably familiar to every woman: Great man, a great first date. Maybe even several meetings. You fall in love and you can't believe how perfect he is. In fact, it's probably too good to be true. Because suddenly he no longer answers.

Sarah, the book's protagonist, experienced just that. But she cannot forget the man, as her friends advise her to do. She is sure that there is a reason for his disappearance. And she's right.

"Without a single word" became an overnight best seller and was sold in 30 countries.
You can order the book "Without a single word" here on Amazon.

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