Balvenie Scotch always tastes like heaven

Already tried? Balvenie 16 Triple Cask

Hello everybody. Has anyone here already tried the Balvenie 16 Triple Cask? I had the opportunity yesterday evening and would like to share my impressions with you. These are of course totally subjective and only reflect "MY" taste. I would find it interesting if you would post your own impressions here afterwards, if you have tried it.

First of all, I have to say in advance that I have seldom approached a whiskey so full of anticipation but also skepticism. Thanks to Horst's advance praise, I was hoping for a real culinary delight - with its taste it is usually quite on my enjoyment wavelength. But sometimes it doesn't work - that's what happened to me with the Balvenie 17 Double Wood, which was praised in the corresponding tasting video, but I didn't particularly like it.

In any case, the bottle and the gift packaging (tube) of the Balvenie 16 attract attention with a very noble design, even my wife asked what kind of great whiskey that was (without having tried it). If we look at the overall package, there are the first pluses here.

Then it went to the bullets: It took me a few seconds to classify what I smelled in my nose. Sweet oak came through first, which reminded me a bit of the sweet oak from Highland Park 25 (48.1%). Mind you, only the oak, otherwise these are of course two completely different whiskeys. Then there was a lot of vanilla and dark fruit, some honey and also light cinnamon notes and something like ripe strawberries. Great complex!

I couldn't do that much with the first sip, I tasted mainly spice, sweetness and a few oak tannins. "Tastes like Balvenie" was the first thing that came to mind. As is well known, with the second one you can see better - or you can taste more he suddenly opened up as the saying goes. There was a nice honey sweetness, a lot of fruit and vanilla and at the end a little oak, soft and rather spicy instead of bitter. The cinnamon was back and the fruit turned lighter. The Balvenie orange was not included or when it was, it was extremely subtle. Instead, prunes came through and the strawberries again.
I can subscribe to the "sweetness" stated by Horst.
The finish was medium-long, warming, soft and flattering. The sweetness faded to a slight dryness at the end, and what was left was a little oak.

Perhaps 43% would have been even better here, but with its 40% it has quite a nice flavor and the alcohol does not push itself to the fore. At first sip, the Balvenie 16 has more of the 12 Double Wood than the 17. If you devote yourself to it for a longer period of time, however, it develops completely independently and differently than the other Balvenies. I really enjoyed it. In view of its drinkability, the bottle will probably not last long on my shelf. Damned.