What does territorial integrity mean

The citizens of the Ukrainian Crimea should vote on their affiliation with Russia, according to the will of the Moscow-loyal leadership. .

Territorial integrity: It is part of international law. It guarantees the inviolability of the national territory. The UN charter imposes a ban on military force on the member states and forbids the threat of it. The charter states: "In their international relations all members refrain from any threat or use of force directed against the territorial integrity or the political independence of a state or otherwise incompatible with the goals of the United Nations." Right to self-defense provided. The principle of proportionality must be maintained.

Right to self-determination: All peoples have a right to it, says the UN Charter. The UN human rights covenant of 1966 also states: “All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of this right, they freely decide on their political status and freely shape their economic, social and cultural development. ”However, this does not mean that all peoples or sub-republics have a right to their own state or to join an existing state such as Russia.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) does not place the right to self-determination in the form of a separation from ethnic groups higher than the territorial integrity of states. The integrity of states is a foundation of the international community. Every state therefore has the fundamental right to oppose separatist tendencies within its borders.