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The perfect day in Cape Town: From Bo-Kaap to Woodstock

A little sunshine here, a slight glow there. South Africa's Cape Town is awakening like an enlightenment. When the first rays of sun make their way down into town and the day begins. Ours starts at Once in Cape Town, a hostel on the edge of the popular nightlife district around Long Street. But first something else is on the agenda: breakfast in the adjoining Café Yours Truly (73 Kloof St), where backpackers and hipsters - the boundaries often seem barely recognizable these days - are spoiled for choice between yogurt with muesli and imaginatively topped sandwiches made from salami and avocado to feta with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Then it goes well strengthened in the City Bowl, as the inner city is called by the Cape Towns.

We stroll along Long Street, where you can still guess the extent of the almost every evening celebrations on the more or less cleanliness of the sidewalk. Numerous remnants of Queen Victoria's time can still be discovered along the way, namely artfully decorated house fronts with spacious balconies facing the street, such as that of the Beerhouse (223 Long St).

We walk on and soon stop for a relaxed morning coffee at Truth Coffee (36 Buitenkant Street), which could be due to the smell of fresh coffee that greets us from across the street. Inside, a mixed crowd meets young waiters who look like a mixture of characters from cowboy films and industrial fantasy epics. The coffee tastes good - and that's the most important thing.

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Pastel Bo-Kaap and Victoria & Alfred Waterfront with Food Market

A few streets further west we stumble into the Bo-Kaap (Wale St, Schotsche Kloof), a district that is famous for its colorful houses. One is cuter than the other. From bright yellow to pastel green to baby blue, everything is included. One line after the other is very contemplative. What would such a place to stay?

Before we can get too involved in the idea of ​​a spontaneous move to Cape Town, we prefer to move on towards the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. The spacious complex is located directly on the sea and can hardly be surpassed in terms of activities and romantic views. And these are there like a dime a dozen. Whether you stroll along the harbor, past the quaint watch tower, or feast your way through the hip V&A Food Market in Dock Road, where specialties from the region such as wines, cheese or vacuum-packed kudu or ostrich meat are on offer, as well as international ones Kitchen from crêpes to wraps of all kinds. Whether you lose time browsing the hip market hall The Watershed (17 Dock Rd) next door or take a short break on the bright green lawns by the water. Whether you treat yourself to a fresh fish dish in one of the restaurants or prefer a cold white wine in one of the countless cafés along the harbor basin such as Quay Four (4 W Quay Rd, V & A Waterfront). Everywhere a new, even more breathtaking image of the city unfolds before the eyes of the beholder. As if Cape Town wanted to say: Take a look at this city so that you never get bored!

Hippie feeling in Cape Town: old industrial district Woodstock

Cape Town will definitely not be boring. That's why, after a little break by the water, we are already on our way to our next destination: Woodstock. In the former industrial district, the Neighbourgoods Market (373 Albert Rd, Woodstock) takes place every Saturday from 9 a.m. - all around the photogenic Old Biscuit Mill. It's not just the hip young people of Cape Town who meet here. No, like a big fair, the event draws young and old to the old warehouses and factories every week.

Above all, there is a good reason for this: the delicious food from all over the world, which is lovingly prepared here by locals at small stalls and mostly advertised at affordable prices. There is a lot to see, smell, taste and buy.

Camps Bay - where the endorphins dance

Nevertheless, after a good hour, it means for us: get out of the halls and into nature. Namely to Camps Bay. The village in front of Cape Town is the playground for the rich and beautiful of the city, with the latter clearly in the majority. In fact, the place itself is hard to beat when it comes to picture-perfectness. On the one hand there is the small bay that is embedded in the mountain formation of Lions Head and the first foothills of the 12 apostles. Then there is the tranquil harbor promenade with one pretty café after the next. And then of course the wide sandy beach should not be left unmentioned, where a unique light, especially in the late afternoon, makes itself at home, which is probably only found in Cape Town. This bright and yet particularly warm, gentle sunlight that somehow seems to be particularly good for the skin and lets the endorphins pour out as if your own body had just won the lottery.

Definitely a highlight: helicopter flight over Cape Town

And yet we learn that even that can be topped. With a helicopter flight! This is included in our iVenture Cape Town Unlimited Premium Pass, along with numerous other benefits such as free museum admission and a ride on the Cape Wheel at the V&A Waterfront. And that's exactly where it starts: right in front of the water, we start from the helipad after a short briefing in the air. And off you go along the coast towards the Cape, past Signal Hill and over Lions Head. We fly over Clifton Bay, as well as Camps Bay, where we recently strolled along the boardwalk. We are on the road for a good 20 minutes and yet the flight feels much shorter when we fly back into the City Bowl and the young pilot gently lands the helicopter on the ground. What an experience!

Table Mountain: Cape Town's most romantic sunset

It's still light. So we make our way to Table Mountain. To that mountain that towers like a backbone behind Cape Town and invites you to be amazed every evening. Provided the weather cooperates. If you are lucky enough to catch a cloudless day, it is time to make your way to Table Mountain by 4 p.m. at the latest. We opt for a ride in the gondola, which takes you from the valley station to the top of the mountain in a few minutes and is even free with our iVenture Cape Town Unlimited Premium Pass. At the top it knocks the first-time visitor off their socks. Surprisingly, the mountain, which looks so stony and barren from the valley below, is home to an extremely large amount of vegetation. In fact, there are said to be more plant species on Table Mountain than anywhere in the UK.

So it's no wonder that the plateau is ideal for hiking and walking. And we do that for quite a while before we sit down on the rocks with a view of Cape Town and the face of the city changes with every minute. The whole City Bowl shines in the warmest colors until the lights go on in the streets. Downstairs, along Long Street, the first tables are sure to be on the balconies again, while the towns behind Lions Head, such as Clifton and Camps Bay, get the most romantic sunset painted on the horizon. A day can hardly end more beautifully than with this view.