What is a VoIP calling card

Satellite app: free app instead of SIM card

With the free Sipgate Satellite app, you can make calls anywhere in the world without a SIM card. You receive 100 free minutes per month for calls to 63 countries worldwide - completely free of charge. So that you only have to use the digital phone number when you want, you can now control your availability via the app.

Telephoning without a SIM card: The Internet telephony provider Sipgate makes mobile telephoning easier and cheaper with its free satellite app. The only requirement for Internet telephony VoIP: an active data connection, for example via WLAN or any data SIM.

Actually, the Satellite app wants to completely replace SIM cards. Manufacturer Sipgate is planning to offer an eSIM as an in-app purchase so that you no longer have to buy a classic SIM card on site in Germany and on vacation trips in order to be able to use mobile Internet.

An existing mobile phone number can already be ported directly to Satellite via the application, the costs for the release from the old provider amount to around seven euros. A second mobile phone for the home office or on the go is no longer necessary. You can already manage your call settings completely via the Satellite app, which has now been expanded to include a practical function.

With the update to version 1.13.x, Satellite is available for both Android and iOS. They are new Availability profileswith which you can specify whether the Satellite should ring, direct calls to the integrated answering machine and whether you want to be notified of the calls at all. A simple slider helps with the settings. So it's perfect for after work. Satellite-Plus customers can even have the profiles automatically managed based on location or time.

Satellite: This is what the app looks like

In principle, the Android version and the iOS version have the same structure, the app is stylish and tidy. The application is divided into four tabs. From left to right these are the numeric keypad, the contact list, the call history and the settings. The voice quality is good and the delay is only slight.

What does Satellite cost?

Satellite is free and offers per month 100 free entries for calls to 64 countries worldwide. For around 5 euros per month is there with Satellite Plus unlimited calling.

Can I send and receive SMS with Satellite?

No, an SMS function is not yet available, but planned according to the developers. (As of December 2020)

Can I call Corona hotlines & telephone counseling free of charge?

Yes, Calls to the official Corona telephone hotlines are free of charge and will not be deducted from your quota of free minutes.

The following telephone numbers can be reached free of charge:

Corona hotlines of the ministries
Citizen hotline Federal Ministry of Health: 030 346465100
Independent patient advice Germany: 0800 0117722
Citizen Service BMI: 0228 996810
Citizen Service BMI: 030 186810
Corona warning app (customer service): 0800 7540001
Corona warning app (TAN query): 0800 7540002

Corona hotlines of the federal states
Baden-Württemberg: 0711 90439555
Bavaria: 09131 68085101 and 0891 22220
Berlin: 030 90282828
Brandenburg: 0331 8683777
Bremen: 0421 115
Hamburg: 040 428284000
Hesse: 0800 5554666
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 0385 5885888
Lower Saxony: 0511 4505555 and 0511 1206000
North Rhine-Westphalia: 0211 91191001
Rhineland-Palatinate: 0800 5758100 and 0800 9900400 (fever clinic)
Saarland: 0681 5014422
Saxony: 0351 56455855
Saxony-Anhalt: 0391 2564222
Schleswig-Holstein: 0431 79700001
Thuringia: 0361 573815099

Telephone counseling
Telephone counseling: 0800 1110111
Telephone counseling: 0800 1110222
Telephone counseling (children and young people): 0800 1110333
Silver net for people over 60: 0800 4708090

Corona hotlines in large cities
Berlin: 030 90282828
Bielefeld: 0521 512000
Bochum: 0234 9105555
Bonn: 0228 775351 or 0228 775352
Bremen: 0421 115
Dortmund: 0231 5013150
Dresden: 0351 4885322
Duisburg: 0203 940049
Düsseldorf: 0211 8996090
Emden: 04921 871818
Essen: 0201 1238888
Frankfurt am Main: 0800 5554666
Gelsenkirchen: 0209 1695000
Hamburg: 040 428284000
Hanover: 0800 7313131
Cologne: 0221 22133500
Leipzig: 0341 1236852
Mönchengladbach: 02161 2554321
Munich: 089 23344740
Münster: 0251 4921077
Nuremberg: 0911 23110666
Oldenburg: 0441 2354550
Stuttgart: 0711 21659309
Wilhelmshaven: 04421 161616
Wuppertal: 0202 5632000

Counties & counties
Borken: 02861 821091
Aurich: 04941 161616
Ammerland: 04488 565300
Cloppenburg: 04471 15555
Emsland: 05931 441171, 05918 43323 and 04962 5013101
Friesland: 0446 19197000
Empty: 04919 264545
Oldenburg: 0443 185100
Wesermarsch: 0440 1927519 and 0440 1927527
Wittmund: 0446 2867000
Rotenburg: 04261 983983

Corona hotlines of the health insurance companies
AOK: 0800 1265265
AOK BaWü: 0800 1050501
Audi BKK: 0800 2834255
Railway BKK: 0800 2246255
BARMER: 0800 8484111
Barmer: 0800 3331010
BIG direct healthy: 0800 140554130290
BKK of Deutsche Bank AG: 0211 9065666
BKK Faber-Castell & Partner: 09921 9602255
BKK Werra-Meissner: 0800 25593772
DAK: 040 325325800
Schwenninger health insurance: 0800 375537553
Energie-BKK: 0800 1011755
HEK: 0800 0213213
IKK classic: 0800 4551000
IKK Southwest: 0800 0133000
Knappschaft: 0800 1650050
TK: 040 4606619160
VIACTIV health insurance: 0800 140554122090

Which countries can I make calls to with Satellite?

In the mobile and landline networks of the following 63 countries you can make calls with Satellite:

Costa Rica
Faroe Islands
Great Britain
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Korea
Czech Republic
United States
Vatican city

Voicemails are even automatically converted into text, but unfortunately there is still no SMS feature. For WhatsApp & Co., the satellite number can only be activated by calling with a code, messenger apps that only offer SMS verification cannot be used with the satellite telephone number.

But the number can be shared with several people, colleagues and club members simply log in on their own smartphone with the same account. Note that this only works for phone calls. WhatsApp & Co. can usually only be activated on one device at a time.

eSim from Satellite

In the beginning, Satellite was mainly used by people who are abroad and want to make cheap calls there. With the corona pandemic, however, many users in the home office are also dependent on a second number.

How much a planned eSIM will cost has not yet been determined, and the data volume offered is also in the stars. In the app, the premium offer "Satellite Plus" with flat-rate telephony and call profiles for availability can currently be booked for around five euros per month.

The planned data connection via the Satellite app is primarily intended for making calls over the Internet, but users should also be able to surf normally with it. This would also make it possible to use other apps such as WhatsApp.

The possibility that Satellite does not want to specify a minimum term for the eSIM and the subscription for the data option can be canceled at any time also sounds interesting. Competitive offers such as Freenet Funk can already be booked on a daily basis.

VoIP instead of SIM card: make free calls worldwide

Satellite can not only be used to make calls, but also to make calls: 100 free minutes per month for calls to all supported networks worldwide as well as a German cell phone number (015678 area code) including voice mailbox are free. A monthly flat rate for telephony can now be booked for around five euros. However, there will still not be a basic fee.

It is also particularly cool that an account with a Plus subscription can be used on several devices at the same time. For example, you can be reached on private and work cell phones under the same number, and at no extra charge.

The app also promises that you can take your previous mobile phone number with you. The service can also be used in parallel to the existing mobile phone contract. In addition, several phone numbers in one app and conference calls with several participants should also be possible in the future.

The audio codec used for telephoning should consume 30 to 130 megabytes of data per hour, depending on the bandwidth, and should always offer good voice quality regardless of this.

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