Why is Stamford University famous

Stanford University - the elite factory of Silicon Valley

Stanford University is located in the Californian town of Stanford. The cities of Palo Alto and San Francisco are also in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to its numerous courses of study and research, the Standorf Uni is also one of the most renowned universities in the world. To date, the university has produced around 30 Nobel Prize winners. Thanks to its close proximity to the Silicon Valley technology center, Stanford University is also characterized by excellent courses in IT and economics. The university's sports teams are also successful and have won many medals at the Olympic Games.

The story of Stanford

In October 1891 Stanford University was founded on their property under the name Leland Stanford Junior University by Leland and Jane Stanford. The college was built in memory of her son, who died early. To this day it bears the name of the son of Leland and Jane Stanford. At that time, the university was particularly characterized by the fact that people of different religions could study here. In addition, women were also allowed to begin their studies here. In 1920 the Hoover Institute was founded in addition to various faculties. After the Second World War, the university literally flourished and primarily promoted the economy in the nearby Silicon Valley. From 1992 to 2000 there was also a university president from Germany. To this day, Stanford is one of the most renowned universities in the world.

The campus and the courses

Stanford University is located on a 3,310 acre campus. In addition to seven faculty buildings, the heart of the campus is the Main Quad. There is also a Cantor Center for Visual Arts, the Hoover Tower, Rodin Garden and the radio telescope. Students at the university can acquire degrees in humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, geo, energy and environmental sciences, education, teaching, economics, law and medicine in seven different faculties.

Famous Graduates

At Stanford too, there were a few students who later became well-known people. Benjamin Harrison, Condollezza Rice, Herbert Hoover, Tiger Woods, Philipp of Belgium and Chelsea Clinton studied here.


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