How is Donald Trump seen in Hawaii

Island hopping in Hawaii : Three in one go: Oahu, Kauai and Maui

Oahu: Where the Obamas go on vacation

There are some palm trees, but otherwise this famous beach fails. Waikiki does not invite you to spread your towel. It would be difficult to find a vacancy anyway. Tourists lie close together in the fine sand. Waves that do not deserve this name wash up. The famous sea mile is lined with skyscrapers. The whole of Honolulu has grown sky-high in the past few decades. “One million residents plus one million tourists,” says the bus driver. "It's just too crowded on Oahu."

Waikiki Beach, the capital Honolulu - these are possibly the most famous names associated with Hawaii. Maybe that's why it's so overcrowded here. But it's a good starting point for island hopping. This is the best way to explore the area, especially since some parts of the country are only 20.30 minutes by flight from each other.

Hawaii takes its place in the Pacific Ocean. 131 islands and atolls belong to it. However, only eight are inhabited. It has been the 50th state in the USA since 1959. The American mainland, however, is a long way away, about 3,700 kilometers from San Francisco to Honolulu.

The distance helps wonderfully when switching off, especially for an American president. Barack Obama is still extremely popular in his homeland, where he regularly goes on vacation. No souvenir shop in which it is not offered - as a fridge magnet. Sometimes he greets it in typical Hawaiian style with spread thumb and forefinger, sometimes he plays the ukulele or stands on a surfboard. Donald Trump is now also available as a magnet, with a flower chain around his neck. But the incumbent president is only ever liable in the bottom row. “People don't like him,” says one saleswoman. He hadn't cracked much here in the elections. Hillary Clinton won twice as many votes.

Obama always spent his Christmas holidays on Oahu. He was a regular at Duke’s beach bar on Waikiki. “We always put him back there,” says waiter Adrian. In the first row on the beach he wouldn't have had a single moment of rest. Tourists sit there in the late afternoon with colorful cocktails. Around Thanksgiving, the ex-president, who loves Japanese food, was seen again in Honolulu - in "Mitch’s Sushi Bar".

Not all locals like the fact that Oahu is so popular with tourists. Times are difficult, sighs Kapaliku, a student who also works as a museum guide in order to be able to afford the training. “Those who study live with their parents,” he says. Your own apartment would be far too expensive. In Honolulu the prices are almost as high as in New York.

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