Why does old window glass look wavy

Cloudy glass

Cloudiness of the window glass: Indication of a defective seal

It is a well-known phenomenon with drinking glasses: if they are washed too often in the dishwasher, they will go blind. The discoloration is a result of heat and the detergent used. In the case of windows, too, the glass can sometimes be seen to be cloudy. However, this has a completely different cause than the drinking glass. The clouding of the window indicates a defective seal.

Moisture in the space between the panes

Thermal insulation glazing is made up of several panes. For older windows with such glazing, there are usually two. Between the panes, in the space between the panes, there is an insulating gas filling that also has the task of preventing moisture from condensing on the inside of the panes. If the seal with which the glazing is placed in the window frame is defective, this gas filling can escape and is replaced by air. With the air, moisture also penetrates into the space between the panes. This condenses as a fine mist on the inside of the panes and in this way causes the cloudiness.

Replacement or refurbishment? That is the question

Since the moisture and thus also the cloudiness are inside the glazing, it cannot be removed from the outside. The moisture can no longer escape by itself once it has penetrated the glazing. In order to repair the window again, the help of an expert is necessary in any case. There are now two options:

For a long time, replacing the glazing was the only way to remove the haze. There are now providers on the market who also offer renovation of the damaged glass, dry the space between the panes and reseal. As with any renovation, however, it must be considered whether the cost-benefit ratio is right. Because a new window always brings numerous other advantages in terms of heat, noise and burglary protection - in addition to perfectly transparent glass, of course.

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