Is married to Andy Burnham

Anglican bishops ordained Catholic priests

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For the first time in history, three Anglican bishops converted to the Catholic faith and were ordained priests in their new confession. Vincent Nichols, Catholic Bishop of Westminster and Pastor of Catholics in England and Wales, ordained previous Anglican Bishops Andrew Burnham, Keith Newton and John Broadhurst as Catholic priests yesterday. The ceremony took place in Westminster Cathedral.

Bishops stay married

The bishops can remain married. All are fathers of several children. Above all, however, they had problems with a regulation in the Anglican Church according to which women can not only be ordained priestesses, but recently also bishops.

Pope Benedict XVI had made the conversion of Anglicans to the Catholic faith possible in the specially created Apostolic Constitution "Anglicanorum Coetibus". The Anglicans belonged to the conservative wing of their denomination. The possibility of transfer is recognized by the leadership of the Church of England.

According to the papal regulation, not only individuals but also whole groups of believers, such as religious orders, can violate. They are enabled to retain parts of their Anglican religious heritage, such as the rite of the Anglican Eucharist. Several hundred lay people and around 50 priests had already made use of the transfer option before the bishops.