Should people receive awards for donating blood

German Red Cross

“Helping hands” for regular involvement in blood donation campaigns

I am happy to accept the “Helping Hands” award on behalf of all LzO employees, ”said Martin Grapentin when he received the award.

In the LzO, blood donation campaigns with LzO employees have been taking place regularly since 2010. So far there have been 10 donation appointments in Oldenburg (4x), Westerstede (2x), Vechta, Cloppenburg, Varel and Delmenhorst with 650 participants.

The renewed blood donation campaign on December 13, 2013 with the employees in the LzO headquarters is all about the initiative “Helping Hands”. This award, initiated by the DRK blood donation services, honors companies and their employees who are particularly committed to social commitment in the area of ​​blood donation.

Companies have to take on social responsibility
“The LzO is a company with strong regional roots that is very well aware of its social responsibility towards customers, employees and the population.

Martin Grapentin, CEO of the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO), receives from Dieter Holzapfel, Chairman of the DRK Presidential Council and President of the DRK Regional Association Oldenburg and Dr. Eduard Konstantin Petershofen, head of the Oldenburg Institute, the “Helping hands” award together with LzO Personnel Director Roland Otten and Annika Neumann, organizer of the blood donation campaigns.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture. We are happy to support the DRK in its work to ensure patient care in the medical facilities. We are very pleased that we have received this honorable award from the DRK for this commitment, which is actually a matter of course for us, ”said Martin Grapentin, CEO of the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO), commenting on the award.

“The importance of blood donation cannot be rated highly enough. Our employees support us in this, as we do today, to take part in the blood donation appointments during working hours, said LzO Personnel Director Roland Otten about the new donation campaign that was carried out at the same time.

A completely different neighborhood - LzO and GSG donate together
The organizer of the blood donation appointments, HR officer Annika Neumann, hopes that her colleagues and the neighbors from the GSG Oldenburg will be involved for the first time.

“This Friday the mark of 700 voluntary donors was exceeded. This is a great success, ”says Annika Neumann. In Germany alone, a person receives the devastating diagnosis of "leukemia" every 45 minutes. For treatment, these patients are dependent, among other things, on the administration of blood preparations. We know this and have therefore repeatedly called on our employees throughout the Oldenburger Land to take part in blood donation and typing campaigns for the DKMS during working hours. Health promotion in particular is very important to those responsible for human resources at the LzO. The LzO subsidizes sports and nutrition programs. “We also support and implement several social projects,” adds the HR officer.

Assuming social responsibility for our society - companies can do that too
"Many companies already see the Red Cross blood donation as a CSR field of activity and work closely with us," says Thomas Bischoff, press spokesman for the DRK blood donation service NSTOB.

"Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) is the key term, in German "Corporate Social Responsibility". It describes the voluntary contribution that goes beyond legal requirements and that companies can make to sustainable social development. With this in mind, the German Red Cross would like to encourage companies and organizations to actively support blood donation with the “Helping Hands” initiative.