Barking foxes

What to do if barking foxes disturb my sleep?

< fragen|links > Foxes have a rich repertoire of calls, but most of the year they keep quiet. So you don't need to be prepared for constant noise pollution.

Barking - cackling - warning
The calls can be divided into two categories: contact calls and those related to disputes. Barking is one of the contact calls and is intended to indicate where a fox is. Especially during the mating season, two foxes often call out as they approach each other. The so-called cackling, a piercing, loud screeching, gives foxes in aggressive arguments. It can be heard throughout the year, but most often also during the mating season, when, for example, two rival males come too close to each other. Another, just as loud, haunting, almost eerie call is the drawn-out, monosyllabic screaming of Fähen, which warn young foxes of a danger. This call can be heard here and there between April and July.

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