Do you think Chelsea will sell Hazard?

Quote from munti2010
The main concern for the Gladbachers is that Dortmund used both Reus and Dahoud exit clauses that Gladbach had to accept in order to get the player to sign. Or maybe because you negotiated something stupid. In any case, Dortmund was able to get Reus miles below its market value and Eberl said several times in the years that followed, when he used exit clauses, that no one would take Gladbach into consideration. I heard then that it worried him.

The other way round, Ginter and Hofmann were normally negotiated bills of exchange without AK and, at least in the Hofmann case, the industry was amazed why Gladbach spent so much money on him. Dortmund could have said no at any time.

Because of this background, I would also believe that Eberl is not enthusiastic about every offer in Dortmund.

After all, conversely, only one case of an AK (Götze) ensured that everyone in Dortmund complained that the BVB squad was an order list for FC Bayern.

Yes, there is some truth to it.

It was particularly annoying with Reus. Well, he really wanted to go back to the BvB, which is absolutely understandable. Gladbach couldn't do anything about this special release clause. But he pulled it off neatly, announced his upcoming move early on, and that's one of the reasons why we still have great respect today. Still annoying that his AK was set so low back then. Indeed, well below market value.

Dahoud? I would say AK too low for him too, but I didn't really like him recently with us or now with the BvB. So in retrospect ... maybe it was okay after all. He stagnates.

Ginter: You were happy to get rid of it and made Gladbach bleed a lot for it, but it is worth the money. It's good that we have it.

Hofmann: can only agree with you. You rubbed your hands in view of the amount Gladbach paid. He had a hard time with us and was often severely criticized. Hardly anyone would have expected that he would shoot through the roof again.

And now Hazard: OK, if he wants to go, he wants to go. But it won't be cheap this time. Gladbach still decides on the transfer fee to be paid at the end.