Why is chkdsk running very slowly?

Re: How long can a CHKDSK last?

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@Nobby: then I have to go into the "history" briefly. Keyword "Pump system disk free" At that time I had a 1.5 TB drive as the system drive. How exactly that went I don't really know anymore, it was 3 weeks ago. I had manually (! No script ) created a folder (D: \ tempx) and filled it with volume and the server was practically no longer accessible. I had managed to delete the folder again, but it didn't really get back on its feet. In the end, it was also in the CHKDSK state (presumably because I didn't have a VGA cable connected at the time).
As part of the reinstallation, I then swapped the system disk for the Samsung F3. And then I manually collected all of the film data (1.8 TB) (not backed up and not duplicated) from the disks and imported the rest of the data again using a backup. A bit of disk juggling (plates in the pool and out of the pool, etc.), a few small add-ins on it, client backups brought back and everything was back to where I wanted it to be without any problems (took approx . 1 week ). As a last step, I switched on the duplication again on some shares. After some kind of restart, I came back to the current CHKDSK state.
So far I have not been able to detect any data loss during all the actions.

If it's a disk bug, it can really only be one of the two F4's. Because the system disk is now a different one that was not previously installed in the system. How do I find out which of the two has the problem?

@Larry: Yes, I had already thought about "skipping", but I wanted to be patient for once and let the CHKDSK do its job. Unfortunately I have to short-circuit pins 3 and 4 of my VGA cable to "press the key" (I've read) so that the keyboard works. But it will inevitably amount to that.
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