Is ground black pepper made from peppercorns

What you should know about pepper

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The essential oils in the pepper provide a versatile aroma.

Pepper is one of the classics on the spice shelf. It refines the taste of meat, soups and salads. Good pepper is not only hot, but also has many flavors.

Pepper is originally from India. Today the spice is mainly grown in Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and Malaysia. Pepper grows on a climbing plant.

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Pepper: Different shapes and colors

The degree of ripeness can be recognized by the color of the pepper:

  • Green pepper is harvested immature. It is dried or put in brine or vinegar.
  • Black pepper gets its color from drying. It's almost ripe.
  • White pepper occurs when the black peel is peeled or when the peel falls off by itself while drying. What is left is the white peppercorn.
  • Red pepper is so ripe that the kernels cannot dry out. They would fall apart. Berries from the Schinus terebinthifolius plant, which look and taste similar to red pepper, are therefore used in colorful pepper mixtures.

Buy pepper: ground, crushed or whole grain?

It is best to grind peppercorns in your own grinder just before seasoning. The natural essential oils of the peppercorn are released. Much flavor has already been lost in ground pepper from the supermarket. When chopping pepper, fine pepper dust is created. The particles can become noticeable in the mouth as an uncomfortable scratching. The manufacturer of the crushed pepper, Spice Island, writes that the pepper dust is sieved out and vacuumed during production.

Store and use pepper properly

Consumers store their pepper best in a dark, cool and dry place. Peppercorns last longer than ground pepper. Pepper should not be kept near the stove. The water vapor produced during cooking can cause mold to form or the spice to clump together. That's why you shouldn't season with pepper over steaming pots or plates.

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