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"Westworld": That happens in the first episode of season 3


"Westworld" Season 3 starts on March 30th on Sky Atlantik HD. New worlds and old characters are waiting for you. If you want to know what happens in episode 1 of the new season, you can find out in our episode guide for season 3.

The third season of "Westworld" started a few weeks ago in the USA. The US broadcaster HBO shows a new episode every Sunday. In Germany, the pay-TV broadcaster Sky Atlantic HD will broadcast the new episodes from March 30th, which is three episodes behind the broadcast in the USA.

Episode 1 is titled "Parce Domine". After the Westworld massacre, Dolores wants to learn more about access to Rehoboam from Liam Dempsey Jr. Their plan fails, however, because Liam himself has no access. On the run, Dolores is saved by Caleb. Maeve wakes up meanwhile.

You can find out what to expect in the following episodes in our episode guide for season 3.

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The second season of the series was grim: Dolores and the hosts fought the people in the park to survive. But in the end, Dolores was able to escape from the park into the real world. Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) also managed to win. He tricked the Delos employees and enabled numerous hosts to lead a safe life in a new virtual world. But the fight is still not over. Dolores wants to continue her fight against the human oppressors.

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In the real world, Dolores meets construction worker Caleb played by Aaron Paul. And the journey continues for Maeve (Thandie Newton) as well. There will also be a reunion with Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and the Man in Black (Ed Harris) in season 3. Season 3 will also answer how old William could become a host-human hybrid.


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