How can I learn LinkedIn for free

LinkedIn Learning: The new learning

"Nowadays nothing is more constant than constant change." In my opinion, this statement wonderfully expresses what the 21st century is all about: CHANGES.

The world of work has been changing noticeably for some time. Processes are being digitalized more and more, working methods are becoming more agile and the focus on "personal training" is being realigned.

The term “lifelong learning” has been around for a long time. But what does that actually mean for me in concrete terms? Is it something completely new?

The world out of children's eyes

Anyone who has children themselves can or was able to observe it wonderfully. Children carry a pure curiosity and an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge. The reason for this is very simple: this wonderful world, with all its secrets, finally wants to be discovered. Every child is a little collector of knowledge and a curious explorer.

A few years later, however, the small discoverer and collector of knowledge has often become a great administrator of knowledge.

LinkedIn Learning: become a knowledge discoverer again

I don't know how you fared with the topic of "learning" so far, but what I learned stuck to me best if I could somehow link what I had learned to positive feelings - if it really interested me, so to speak, and was "my topic". It was also always beneficial for me when no pressure was exerted on me and I was allowed to rummage through the material at my own pace and in my freely chosen intensity.

This is exactly where the range of LinkedIn Learning - in a great way in my opinion. That's why I'm all the more pleased that we as Targobankers can now use this learning platform free of charge.

So that you get a better impression of what I mean, I will briefly describe my first steps on this learning platform:

Registration is quick and easy. First of all, of course, I'm interested in the search function.

"There should be over 16,000 digital courses and training offers here - I'm really excited about that!" it goes through my head when I simply enter “e-mail” as a search term.

I am currently seeing a variety of videos and courses, such as "Write e-mails", offered.

My curiosity has been aroused and I am now looking more purposefully. My second search term is "communication change".

And again I get some suggestions, and I'll go straight to the first one "Communication in times of change" (60 minutes) decide and save it.

However, my curiosity has not yet been satisfied.

"Let's see if I can find something that serves my health affinity?"

So I typed in “Balance” and made a quick decision "Establish a sustainable work-life balance" (71 minutes) picked from the results.


"So, and now something else for my personal mega-project in 2021!"

The non-profit association, in which I am active on a voluntary basis, wants to start with an interview format on YouTube in the first quarter of 2021. Our challenge: we all barely have a clue about filming or conducting interviews. So the best prerequisites to develop a little further in these subject areas.

"Let's see if LinkedIn also offers something about videos or interviews? "

Yes, there is even some film and video technology there.

So without hesitation, you will find it too

"Basics for Filmmakers: Video Basics" (approx. 200 minutes)

"Basics for filmmakers: filming with the DSLR" (approx. 400 minutes)

the way to my Linkedin wishlist.

Big booty of knowledge

After my 15-minute foray through the vast area of ​​online offers from Linkedin learning my learning package is now put together. Of course I'm curious and quickly zap into each of the 4 videos."Wow, what a great picture and sound quality!" is the first thing that comes to mind when you watch it. In the next few weeks, I will be able to enjoy the content at my own learning pace and without any pressure.

My opinion

At LinkedIn Learning it is a wonderful offer to deal with the topic of "personal training" in a modern and, above all, very inviting way.

Nothing has to, but a lot can ... and at the end of the day we are of course responsible for the things we do, but also for those we don't.

I hope you enjoy “searching and finding” your personal development topics LinkedIn Learning,

Best wishes,