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Lena Meyer-Landrut deletes ALL photos on Instagram

Your fans are amazed at the Instagram page of Lena Meyer-Landrut (29) - because it is suddenly empty!

Where Lena with her 3.8 million followers always shared a few snacks from her life and career, there is now a yawning emptiness.

No posts yet, can currently be read on Lena's Instagram page.

There was already a lot to see. Photos of their changing and always cool looks, photos with Kiwi the dog or advertising for their music and concerts.

The last time Lena posted something on Instagram at the beginning of the year. But the fact that everything is suddenly gone seems strange to many fans.

And that's why the wildest theories are emerging now. Some fans already suspect that Lena might start a new phase of life, which is why she says goodbye to her Instagram past so radically.

In a few days, on May 23, Lena will be 30. Perhaps that is why she will end her old, public Instagram life?

Other assumptions are that Lena might want to draw attention to herself in this way, only to reappear with a big bang and new music.

Or is she simply fed up with being rated on social media? Again and again she campaigned against bullying.

Pop star Mike Singer (21) also dared to take this step once, last summer broke up with Instagram for a few weeks, deleted all pictures, left only a single video.

He later explained to BILD: “I was confronted with more and more hatred and resentment. Above all, this takes place in the anonymity on the social media channels. Whenever I posted private pictures or lost reach and subscribers, it was said that I was out, had no more fans and success would decline. ”His social media addiction also made him depressed at times.

Mike Singer is long back on Instagram. It remains to be seen whether Lena will also come back. Also strange: Lena did not delete her Facebook account.