Play as Oddjob in Goldeneye and be cheated

N64 GoldenEye 007 Programmer Confirms Oddjob "Definitely Cheats"

There are certain rules when playing with friends that are not accepted. You're not bringing Bo Jackson inTecmo Super Bowl. You don't choose Meta Knight inSuper Smash Bros. Brawl. And you will certainly never choose Oddjob in the Nintendo 64 classicGoldenEye 007.

While this was a basic understanding from gamers around the world, we now have people on the development team confirming what we already knew. Oddjob is for scammers.

"A (short) sight to kill"

In a current retrospective ofGoldenEye 007MEL Magazine raised the issue of the inclusion of Oddjob. Even more concrete was the general consensus of the gaming community that the small size of the classic Bond villain gives an unfair advantage in multiplayer mode. Mark Edmonds, Gameplay, and Engine Programmer forGold eye, agreed with the following answer.

“It is definitely a cheat to play as an oddjob. But that can only add to the fun by all of you sitting next to each other and berating / poking / beating the person who chooses them. Personally, I like to pick Jaws and then hit the person with oddjob just to show them off! We could have done something about it to stop this blatant scam, but why shouldn't the players just let their own rules decide? "

"The Spy Who Questioned Me"

Speaking of multiplayer, a lot has been said about this mode as well. Why not? It was just the main reason the N64 owners stayedGold eyeCartridges glued to their consoles. Little did most of the fans know that this was almost completely absent at all.

Console shooters in the 1990s were more focused on single-player content, and for good reason. The hardware just wasn't geared up to deal with multiple players the way PC gamers like it. Multiplayer first person shooters were considered a pure PC experience.

It was the four controller ports on the Nintendo 64 that prompted Rare to try the mode as a “wish list thing”, according to developer David Doak. A multiplayer mode was processed without prior notice from Nintendo. After the team was convinced they were having something really fun, they presented it to Nintendo. The rest was history as fans enjoyed Golden Guns, Slappers Only, Paintball Mode, and more with their favorite Bond characters.

What were your favorite moments while playing?GoldenEye 007? Were you the one who left mines in the facility toilet near? Let us know in the comments!

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