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Achieved 49 out of 50 evaluation points. DWG interface performed extremely well in the test

In a test of the DWG interfaces of various CAD programs by the organization CADexchange, Vectorworks achieved an excellent result: 49 out of 50 evaluation points were achieved. This shows that Vectorworks users have one of the most advanced export technologies available.

Optimize export of plan data

CADexchange is an association of public and private builders, planners and software providers, which has set itself the goal of the efficient and coordinated exchange of plan and building data. The aim of the association is to provide the planners with guidelines and tools to optimize the export of planning data. Its members include state institutions such as the Swiss Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics and the building authorities of numerous cantons, universities, builders such as Swiss Re or the Post, but also the most important CAD providers such as ComputerWorks.

Rigorous test

To test the DWG interfaces, a detailed sample plan was used for each CAD to ensure that all important components of a drawing were correctly transferred. Vectorworks optimally met the requirements for 49 out of 50 possible criteria - and thus performed extremely well. Among other things, dimensions, text settings, complex hatching and the layer structure were tested. The export of information, e.g. in stamps or rooms, was also checked.

The interface report for Vectorworks and the associated sample plan can be downloaded from the CADexchange website.

Advanced export engine

Vectorworks owes the excellent result not least to the built-in export engine "DWGdirect" of the Open Design Alliance, of which Nemetschek Vectorworks is a founding member. In this alliance, leading CAD manufacturers have come together in the interests of high-quality, progressive data exchange. With this, Vectorworks is once again relying on the leading technology that optimally supports data exchange via DXF / DWG.

IFC certification

Vectorworks architecture has also been certified for IFC Coordination View 2.0 since last year. This means that CAD belongs to a small group of architecture programs that can display this demanding quality feature for data exchange according to OpenBIM standards for both import and export.