What are some examples of a constant


Imagine you walk into a room that is lit by 10 candles. If you now light an 11th candle, then you can probably still perceive the difference in brightness. But if there are 100 candles at the beginning and you turn on the 101st candle, then there is probably no difference in brightness (example by von Galanter, 1962).

Ernst Heinrich Weber was the first to discover that the difference threshold is not constant, but depends on the initial stimulus - in 1834.

Weber's law

This fact can be expressed in the following formula:

The proportion remains constant, no matter how intense the standard stimulus is! The larger the Weber constant k, the more change it takes to feel a difference!

The Weber constant has no unit. Here are some Examples for values ​​of the Weber constant:

Unfortunately Weber's law does not apply unreservedly: the sensation differs slightly in the peripheral areas!