Which Japanese literary books should I read?

Where can I buy Japanese books?

Published on November 19, 2013

At japanliteratur.net we regularly present books in Japanese for both beginners and advanced readers. This overview reveals how you can buy these books yourself.

Bookstores on site in Germany

In the big cities of Germany there are bookshops that specialize in Japanese literature. So far we have presented Takagi in Düsseldorf and Yamashina in Berlin. Of course, both stores only have a limited selection and not all of the titles in their range. Orders from Japan are possible, with Takagi also very easily by e-mail. However, the books in the bookstores are also significantly more expensive than if you order them directly from Japan.

Delivery service from Japan: Whiterabbit

If you want to order books directly from Japan, you have several options. For all those who do not yet speak Japanese or who do not trust themselves to fulfill an order in Japanese, there are delivery services that specialize in taking the order.

In its shop, White Rabbit offers common learning materials from Japan and also selected books for beginners such as the Graded Readers series. Every book that is not available in the shop can be ordered via a delivery service. But that too is expensive: this service costs 15% of the product price or at least $ 15.

Delivery service from Japan: Onegai Kaeru

Angelina from Onegai Kaeru offers a similar service. Particularly practical here: Angelina will set up your own address to which you can send your ordered goods. Not all dealers deliver abroad, and so you can temporarily store and forward your purchases in this way. This service costs a processing fee depending on the weight. On the other hand, if you want Kaeru Parcels to procure all of the goods for you, this costs, similar to White Rabbit, a fee of at least ¥ 1,500 or 25% to 15% of the product price plus shipping in India. It is also expensive here, but you will be looked after in German and you can shop individually in Japan, even if you have no language skills.

Order yourself in Japan: Amazon

Those who dare to fill out Japanese forms can order directly in Japan and save a lot of money. The easiest step would actually be to order via Amazon Japan, as the page structure is similar to the German one and orientation is easy. However, the fees for an international order per item are quite high, which is why an order at Amazon.co.jo is only worthwhile if you order a particularly large number of items.

Order it yourself in Japan: Honto

Currently the best solution to order books directly from Japan is honto.jp. Although the website is completely in Japanese, there are now numerous order instructions with screenshots. Honto.jp does not charge any additional fees or flat postage costs. Postage will be charged separately if all books have been combined into one package. Since you order from abroad, there is also no tax. As if that weren't enough positive things, of all the ordering options presented here, honto.jp is the provider who packs their goods most securely so that the corners of the book do not get any kinks.

Download e-books directly: Ebookjapan.jp

Our blog reader Christian also has this tip: http://www.ebookjapan.jp/ebj/ offers a good opportunity to order a wide range of Japanese literature (books and manga) very conveniently and with the associated free e-reader ebiReader read on different devices. These English-language instructions show how to register. In contrast to Amazon, there are no problems with any regionalization guidelines, no restriction to a specific device, everything works without any problems - if you can use the Japanese website.