How many inhabitants does Bordeaux have


Bordeaux is a city in the Gironde department in the New Aquitaine region in southwest France. The Garonne flows through it.

Districts [edit]

St. Michel: A flea market is held here every Sunday.

Background [edit]

Arrival [edit]

By plane

The international 44.828333-0.715556(IATA: BOD), too Bordeaux Mérignac) is about 12 km west of the city center. Regular connections from Berlin and Frankfurt from German-speaking countries - in addition, of course, you can use transfer connections via Paris or Lyon, for example.

There are transfer buses from the airport to the center. The tram should connect to the airport by 2022.

By train

There are several daily TGV connections from Paris to Bordeaux at 44.825813888889-0.555730555555561. Journey time approx. 2 hours, approx. 60 euros. (Early bookers will find offers from 10 € at OUISncf-online!) There are other connections, among others. from Montpellier, La Rochelle (no TGV), Valence (1.5 hours), Poitiers, Bayonne (one hour), Toulouse (4 hours) and Angouleme.

By bus

On the street [edit]

With the ship [edit]

Mobility [edit]

Since the establishment of three tram lines in 2003, Bordeaux has had an efficient local transport system. The Tram et bus de la cub (tbc) offers a range of tickets. The most important are the single trip for € 1.40 (5 € 5.90; 10 € 11.30), as well as the day ticket for € 4.30 and the evening ticket (Pass Soirée). All tickets must be validated each time you enter a means of transport. Single tickets are valid for one hour during which you can change at will. Evening tickets are from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. The trams run from around 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. After that, night services run. Since 2013 there has also been regular service to four stations with boats on the Garonne, the so-called Batcub - The above-mentioned tickets also apply here. (all as of 06/2014)

In addition, there is a bike rental system in Bordeaux Bicycles VCub available, also accessible via the homepage of tbc. Access codes from € 1 / day can also be booked there. The first 30 minutes of use are then free of charge, then € 2 / hour. Loan and return at all VCup stations.

Sights [edit]

  • The town hall, the type is group designation, stands opposite the cathetral St. André.
  • There is a type is group designation.
  • The type is group designation just outside the center represents the remains of an amphitheater.

Museums [edit]