How can dogs reduce their stress?

Stress in the dog

The last few weeks and months have been heavily influenced by COVID-19. For many people, the weeks in which social contacts were severely restricted and they could barely leave the house were very stressful. Animal shelters across the country have had increased inquiries about dogs and cats in recent weeks. Because a pet helps to reduce stress and gives you a feeling of security. People who live alone are especially happy to be greeted by their dog when they come home. And the responsibility to look after a dog helps to structure everyday life. Daily walking is also a welcome opportunity for dog owners to exercise in the fresh air - in wind and weather. Going for a walk also provides variety and interesting everyday experiences when meeting other dog owners in the park or on the street. Often a nice conversation ensues that loosens up the day.

Providing the dog with food every day and having to go for a walk is a welcome task for many people, which also helps them to take on more responsibility for their own life. And grooming, play units and dog training help dog owners especially in times when other social contacts are restricted. Because dogs are real companions who can absorb part of the stress and ensure a lot of joy.

It is very important that dogs get used to their family. And of course that also applies the other way around. That is why you cannot borrow a dog from the shelter for a short period of time and then return it. Dogs need permanent caregivers. Therefore, think carefully about whether you can imagine the dog living with you permanently before contacting a shelter or breeder.