How would you quantify the non-quantifiability


What its connections have meant for Dutch exports is difficult to quantify today.

Die Zeit, May 21, 1976, No. 22

Although the size of the damage cannot be precisely quantified, the aim is to start repairing it a decade later.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, September 28, 1998

In large society, the problems of living together must be objectified and often quantified.

Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich von: Consciousness change, Munich: Hanser 1988, p. 62

In punctual music, every parameter is quantified, if possible, by mathematical operations and a series of numbers is substituted for the quanta, which are arranged according to size, if possible.

N / A .: S. In: Brockhaus-Riemann-Musiklexikon, Berlin: Directmedia Publ. 2000 [1989], p. 5132

In doing so, it must be geared primarily towards the goals of growth, employment and price stability and quantify these within the framework of an overall economic accounting.

o. A. [maj.]: Annual economic report. In: Current Lexicon 1974-2000, Munich: DIZ 2000 [1998]

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