What are wellness travel jobs

Do you love traveling and don't want to do anything else? Would a classic office job just be torture for you? Then check out my list of the best jobs for the travel enthusiast! Here you get a brief introduction to almost 10 possible professions that can take you around the world. Of course, different qualifications are required for these options, but maybe there is one or the other interesting professional field for you.

10 jobs for travel enthusiasts

Flight crew | Engineering | Freelance | Photo and videography | Cruise industry

Teaching activity | Hotels | Diving and Fitness | Tour guide | Geology | diplomacy

Flight crew

As a flight attendant, you travel around the world a lot and this option is probably one of the best jobs for travel enthusiasts. But don't forget that you rarely have enough time to get to know the destinations very well. But if you like a job on the plane, then the profession of flight attendant might be the right thing for you. Just keep in mind that the crew on the plane is not only responsible for service, but mainly for the safety of all guests on board. This brings with it a responsibility that should not be underestimated. The training lasts six to twelve weeks, depending on the airline.


"Hello, I'm from Germany and I'm an engineer." This sentence can open many doors for you abroad - at least those of large mechanical engineering companies. German engineering is still very much valued all over the world. If you have the opportunity to take part in a project that requires work abroad, then this is your opportunity to perfectly combine work and travel. A multi-year course of study in advance is usually compulsory.

Freelance activities

One of the current trends is to work as a freelancer or digital nomad. Are you a graphic designer, web designer or content creator? Congratulations, you've drawn the lot for traveling and working around the world. A laptop with internet access is usually sufficient for work. Using video telephony you can easily call customers, even if you are lying in a hammock in Bali. Various coworking spaces around the world make it easier for you to work abroad, and you can easily get to know like-minded people. Freelance jobs are possible in many industries and the earning opportunities are very different. Discipline and good time management are the be-all and end-all here in order to build up a healthy customer base and be successful in the long term.

Photography and videography

Photo and videography are important building blocks in today's content marketing and online world. Hardly any news channel comes without live news coverage and Pictures and videos out and every big brand adorns itself with beautiful and well-produced advertising. If you are passionate about creativity, then it could well be that this professional field leads you to assignments around the globe. More and more companies are commissioning freelance employees to present their products in the most unusual and aesthetic way possible. That is why the video and photo industries are among the most exciting and varied for those who love to travel. Here, too, a healthy dose of discipline and creativity is required to be successful in the long term.

Cruise industry

All kinds of people are needed on a cruise ship, there are all kinds of jobs for those who love to travel. A cruise ship offers a particularly wide range of professions, from guest relations, through working in service to professions in entertainment and engineering. Depending on the shipping company, you will work on the big ships for several months or even years with breaks and get to know so many exciting places, regions and countries.

Teaching staff

How about a teaching job in Costa Rica or a position at an international school in Singapore or Abu Dhabi? Especially if you have completed a teaching degree, you are well equipped for a job at a school abroad. Many job postings require a university degree, but some take a more relaxed approach to the requirements. So this option is basically also open to career changers.

There are many great ways to get information and apply for jobs in countries around the world online. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​in the national language is usually not compulsory, but it makes getting used to and dealing with the students much easier.

Hotel tests

Being a hotel tester is probably one of the most popular jobs around. Flying around the world, staying in the most beautiful hotels, eating the finest dishes and having a good time - that's what I call a dream job. Then you write reviews for various portals to tell other holidaymakers about your experiences. I have already summarized for you how you can become a hotel tester.

Diving and fitness staff

Are you passionate about hobby divers and are you excited by the idea of ​​turning this hobby into a profession? In order to officially call yourself a diving instructor, you first need a lot of experience and have to complete several courses and certificates. The whole thing costs time and money, but when the time comes you are free to work in the most beautiful places in the world, such as the Maldives, the Icelandic Silfra Fissure or Florida's Ginnie Springs. You have other options, for example, as a certified fitness trainer. More and more hotels are offering courses for their guests, yoga and Pilates in particular are currently among the hits with holidaymakers. The requirements you have to meet, however, vary greatly depending on the employer.

Tour guide

Are you at home in the world and know foreign countries like the back of your hand within a short period of time? Then not much is missing for the Profession of tour guide. Tour guides support tour groups or individuals in exploring their vacation spot. The reception at the airport and on-site guest care are often the responsibility of the tour guide. Especially in the event of an emergency, tour guides often turn out to be a godsend for the guests.

In addition to good local knowledge, the job also requires a lot of organizational talent. However, training is not absolutely necessary in order to work where others go on vacation.

Geology and science

Geologists have probably the coolest office of all jobs for travel enthusiasts. In order to examine stones, layers of earth and volcanoes, they travel to the most interesting places and usually spend several weeks there. Even during your studies you will come to great travel destinations: Iceland, San Francisco and the Galapagos Islands are just a few of the destinations. Did you also choose the right subject?


For diplomats, “traveling for a long time” is already part of the job description. You usually spend between three and four years in one place with your families, after which there is the possibility of moving to another country. Big advantage: You can take your family with you and experience the exciting time abroad together. And in addition, you learn the national languages ​​on the side. Is there a better job? Foreign languages ​​such as English and French are an important prerequisite for this varied and responsible job. You can get more information about this from the Foreign Office.

What other jobs can you think of? How is your experience in the field? Are you maybe already digital nomads and work where others go on vacation? What hurdles did you have to overcome and how did you overcome them?

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