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Self-love: This is how you can love yourself more

Loving yourself is probably one of the most difficult and important issues. Self-love isn't just important for your exercise and diet. It is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life.

What is self love?

Self-love is a pretty big term that can be interpreted in very different ways. By and large it means accepting yourself and with yourself and your decisions to be pure. Whoever loves himself has his recognized their own worth and therefore does only the best for yourself.

Means self-love not necessarily, yourself to love the way you are. Rather, it is a process. Accepting yourself as you are is the first step. But it does not mean, that you have to love everything about you and you shouldn't change. For example, you love your partner with all his quirks. It is the same with self-love. It does not mean to be flawless or to like everything in itself. To love yourself means to know your own worth and to treat yourself with love.

Self love and fitness

Self-love is also a big topic in the fitness industry. Some people love yourself first then when they are lean or have lots of muscles to have. Sometimes, however, the reason is not the character itself, but rather that it is theirs own worth depends on their body image do. It is different when someone is aware of their worth and still decides to slim down a bit. Quite simply because it makes him feel more comfortable.

No matter what (fitness) goal you have - it is important that you always do checkingwhether you like this Pursue goal for you, or because you do that Feeling from the outside that you get that now to dowould have to. It is not uncommon to hear from people that after a successful diet they have found that it was not their weight that was the problem, but their inner workings.

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Learn to love yourself

A lot of people have a hard time loving themselves more. On the one hand, this is because we like to focus on the Focus thingsthat we not so good about us and feel about it less valuable. Then it may be that only through a change do we get the feeling that we are worth loving ourselves. Real Self love but should always unconditional be.

That means: if you recognize your own worth, you will too find out what good you can do for yourself can. And lead a full and happy life. You will find that you are yours Decisions independently meet from others. And you Stand 100% behind your actions. Simply because you do it for yourself.

Excursus: self-love psychology

Loving yourself is not always easy. On the contrary: if you want more self-love, a long process awaits you. Because often is a Lack of self-love is ingrained deep within us. One method for more self-love is to become familiar with the so-called Inner child to deal with. It symbolizes the feelings, memories and experiences stored in the brain our own childhood¹.

Namely, it may be due to your lack of self-love Imprints from your childhood have arisen. Your parents must have always meant well to you. Even so, it can happen to them some things done or said have that deep in your Subconscious squat and there as negative beliefs are stored. Although you are now an adult and can think rationally, these beliefs influence you very strongly in your everyday life.

If you want to learn more about the Inner Child and work on yourself on a deeper level, we recommend that you turn to a real professional. There are many Experts in the fieldwho can certainly help you.

You realize: self-love is not just a decisionthat you meet. According to the motto: From today on I love myself! Rather, it is a process. To strengthen your self-love, you have to deal with yours, among other things Addressing values, goals, wishes and fears. The good thing is: everyone can learn to love themselves!

How do I learn to love myself?

Do you feel like you can't really love yourself? Don't worry, you're not alone in this. Many people give more love to others than to themselves. In doing so, for example, they would uproot trees for their partner, whereas they would not even pick a flower for themselves. We should all do this do at least as much for us, like for our dream partner.

Unfortunately, it is often not enough to simply tell yourself that you will love each other from now on. To the To feel self-love right too, you can hear deep inside. So if you want to strengthen your self-love, you have to actively work on you. A few everyday self-love exercises can already help you get yours To become aware of worth. They also help you, piece by piece, to yourself to give more self-love. Please note that we are not trained psychologists. It is always advisable to consult an expert in the field as well.

Strengthening self-love: 5 exercises

Control your thoughts

A positive mindset is very important! Your thoughts are like that Foundation for everything other. Because they affect your emotions. That is, if you think positively about yourself, you will myself tooto love more easily. If you love yourself more, you will treat yourself better too. If you deal with yourself better, you will make different decisions.


Think about how often you just think about the things you do not so good about you. Things like your bacon rolls, your laziness or your nose. Write all of these things down. Then you write at least as many things on that you thinks great about yousuch as B. Your humor, your eyes or that you are particularly good at cooking eggs. Take your time for that. Perhaps you will also take a closer look at yourself in the mirror. In the best case, you will even find more good things than bad things on you.

Speak well to yourself

When did you yourself for the last time one Compliment? Or a praise pronounced? A long time ago, wasn't it? It is so important that we are with ourselves communicate lovingly. A positive mindset will help you focus your focus on the good.


Often we don't praise ourselves enough. Fortunately, that can be changed very easily. Try you on the day at least one time for something to praise or you a To compliment. There it's not about great achievements. Did you take the trash down? Bravo! Have you been walking for half an hour? Wonderful! Did you drink a glass of water? Very good!

Write everything down

Most of us last wrote something in our diaries when we were children. At that time it was still easy for us, ours most intimate and craziest thoughts to write down. Often times, a lack of self-love is ingrained in us. It we find it difficult to understand, how so we think so badly about some things or something feel negative. A diary helps you, yours Sort thoughts and feelings, and takes care of one or the other Aha moment


Write every morning or evening for a month at least one page in your journal. It can be digital or manual. Don't pay attention to spelling or grammar. It is much more important that you simply yourself write everything free from the soul. If you want, you can also paint a picture or use different colors.

Don't eat crap

Imagine you've bought yourself a super stylish sports car. Your absolute dream car! How do you deal with this car? You are certainly not filling up with cheap cooking oil, but high-quality gasoline. But what would happen if you filled your car with cheap oil? Surely your car would rumble, drive slower and eventually the engine would break down.

It's the same with you. Yours Diet is the fuel for your body. Do you just eat any all day? unhealthy things, will you sluggish, tired and go someday broken. A healthy and balanced diet so is very important when you are good and powerful want to feel.

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Watch for a few days your eating habits. Do you snack a lot Do you like to eat greasy fast food? What about alcohol? When you find yourself eating a lot of unhealthy stuff try to eat healthier and more balanced. That doesn't mean that you should only eat vegetables! Like yours Make sustainable changes to your diet you can find out in our article about Eating habits.

Dance it all out

You have surely swung your hips in a club or at a party. How did you feel about it? Good or? At the Dancing puts endorphins into our bodiesfree². As a result, we feel free and happy. Another plus point when dancing is: You practice, everyone Letting go of anxiety and you vmoved and free to move. It's great fun and a bubbly one Change to structured everyday life.


Shake your booty! We say: You can dance at home too! That's why you should a brisk dance routine every day insert. Turn up your favorite music to the full. Shouldn't you be the best dancer or you feel kind of stupid about it close your eyes when dancing. Also make sure that you watch nobody doing it can. Feel the music and just move as you want. It's not about putting a great dance performance on the floor. Just shake off any anxiety and negative feelings about yourself.

Why is it so hard to love yourself?

Probably everyone answers this question differently. Because the reasonswhy you can't really love yourself totally different. Some have a problem with their body. Others feel like a failure. And still others generally have a problem with loving.

In principle, all of these reasons are due to ours beliefs that are deeply rooted in us traced back. We have negative and positive beliefs. They are formed in our early childhood and are reinforced by various events³. Negative beliefs, like I'm ugly, not valuable, or pissed off others, can cause us to be find it difficult to give ourselves more self-love.

Often let's work on the problem with self-love only superficial. Does someone feel z. B. too fat, then he or she is on a diet. The reason that people are feel too fat, it has to not necessarily the weight be. It can also be a negative belief be in them. If this is not addressed, the person may lose weight but still not feel good enough to receive more self-love.

How important is self-love?

Loving yourself is presumable the most important, because our emotions influence our quality of life. If we love ourselves, we will have different thoughts and feelings. Because of this, we will make different decisions. These decisions, in turn, will affect all of our lives. So you notice: self-love is kind of like that Foundation for our life. It affects how good we are with ourselves and other peoplebypass. Self love helps us confident decisions to meet and our Life in the right direction to steer.

Our conclusion

  • Self-love is a very important but also extensive topic. It means to be his aware of one's own worth to be, loving deal with yourself and always the best for yourself wanting yourself.
  • Self love meansNot, that he must love everything in itself. Rather, it means to perceive yourself, to accept and then to be confident Choices for his own good hold true.
  • Learn to love yourselfis nothing that happens overnight. It is a profound process with many psychological aspects. You are more with yourself, yours To deal with feelings and thoughts can help you with that. However, we also recommend that you contact an expert in this field.
  • A healthy and balanced one nutrition is the Fuel for your body. A positive mindset and self-love is the fuel for your mind. Both affect your entire life.

¹ Replacing two of the daily main meals as part of a low-calorie diet with the Shape Shake 2.0 contributes to weight loss. The Shape Shake 2.0 can only fulfill this purpose if it is used as part of a low-calorie diet, which necessarily includes other foods. Adequate daily fluid intake must also be ensured. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, care must be taken to eat a balanced and varied diet.

² Replacing one of the daily meals as part of a low-calorie diet with the Shape Shake 2.0 helps maintain weight after weight loss. The Shape Shake 2.0 can only fulfill this purpose if it is used as part of a low-calorie diet, which necessarily includes other foods. Adequate daily fluid intake must also be ensured. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, care must be taken to eat a balanced and varied diet.



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