Is the Bhagavad Gita an extremist book

The Bhagavadgita at B.G. Tilak (eBook, ePUB)

Student thesis from 2006 in the department of Indology, grade: 1.0, Humboldt University Berlin (History and Society of South Asia), event: The Indian national movement and the Hindu-Muslim question, 5 sources in the bibliography, language: German, abstract : The Bhagavadgita is one of the most important works of ancient Indian literature and its influence on the cultural and political life of India extends from the recent past to the present. In terms of content, it is a philosophical-religious didactic poem that takes up chapters 25 to 42 of the sixth book in the great Indian epic Mahabharata. In the Gita, the essence of the ancient Vedic knowledge and the Upanishads is vividly summarized. The list of translators and commentators - local and foreign - seems endless, and there is hardly a Hindu sect in India today that does not also derive its teaching (s) from the Gita. Using a few starting points, the present work aims to find out in which form the Bhagavadgita was interpreted by the Indian nationalist Bal Gangadhar Tilak during the time of the Indian national movement in the 20th century: Which chapters play a special role for the interpreter? Which verses might directly serve nationalist ideas and ideologies?

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