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1st race - 2000 meters (grass - gallop) - start time: 13:20

Sigrid Nansen (5) fought for a close success at the start of the year on June 28th. in Bratislava, but also did well after a narrow defeat on the same track on 08/16. and should have the best chance to win. Magnentius (7) was at the direct encounter with Sigrid Nansen on June 28th. without a chance and landed almost five lengths back in third place, but won on clay two weeks ago in very good style and should probably be the first challenger. Rikoleta (3) showed very different performances this year, but should be confirmed when the second place from 23.08. have good prospects for space in Budapest. Bolthorn (2) recently came up well in terms of speed and due to his increases so far, he might end up in the top three this time around at his starts. Lashain (6) can use the better starting place here than last in Bratislava to make a better figure again like at the start before in Budapest and is also one of the place contenders. Manito (4) was not able to convince at the only start of the year and therefore has to present itself stronger and goes together with those who are competing here at too long a distance First Thought (1) at the start as an outsider.

Sigrid Nansen (5) - Magnentius (7) - Rikoleta (3)

Assessment: 5-7-3-2-6-4-1

2nd race - 1200 meters (grass - gallop) - start time: 14:00

Rumba Lady (5)
and Asta (4) with two starts each have more racing experience than the rest of the trio, so the victory should be between this duo. Mia (1) there like Zeyno (2) making his racing debut, however, both may see equally good money while Meggy (3) clearly more than the life debut has to show.

Rumba Lady (5) - Asta (4) - Mia (1)

Assessment: 5-4-1-2-3

3rd race - 1650 meters (grass - gallop) - start time: 14:40

In this exam, which is not easy to understand, you can Irish Rose (3) due to their not so bad performances in Germany, they achieved their first success in life. Zambala (8) In the end she stayed in the area of ​​the position she finally took at the finish line and was able to satisfy her supporters from the last time in Bratislava. The run itself was not so bad with this fifth place. Grace (1) occurs again almost exactly on the day after a year, but can certainly be a prominent player right away. Couer de Leon (7) definitely has to show more than at his previous two starts this season in order to be at the forefront. Texas Girl (6) was last to be excluded in second place up to about 200 meters before the finish and is conceivable for better money on the 550 meters shorter route this time. Desert Flower (5) held up well until the beginning of the final arc of the debut of the year, but then had to pull it off completely, but this race can help it to maybe aim for a place money. Apitou (2) makes his life debut and is therefore not easy to assess, but is possible for better money due to the not really overpowering opposition.

Irish Rose (3) - Zambala (8) - Grace (1)

Assessment: 3-8-1-7-6-5-2- non-starters: 4 nappina

4th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 15:05

Funny Rose Venus (7)
may finally achieve his first success in life after the recent good placements. Admiral Fuchs (8) showed up in the third place and can certainly make Funny Rose Venus contest the victory. Elegance (5) shows up very differently, but if the day is in good shape and the races are flawless, it can be dangerous for the favorites. Quinars (3) was last beaten early in Baden and even ended up outside of the money, which means he has to show himself better in order to get a top 3 place. Motivation JDS (6) is certainly better off on shorter distances, but did not do so badly with fifth place in Wels recently and can fight for a place money if the race goes well. Nadi Venus (2) was much better at the place of honor recently and despite the stronger competition this time, I can see good money again if this performance is confirmed. The Seventies (4) benefited from numerous faulty competitors in the third place and will therefore have to find everything suitable for a bonus.

Funny Rose Venus (7) - Admiral Fuchs (8) - Elegance (5)

Assessment: 7-8-5-3-6-2-4 - Non-starters: 1 Best di Girifalco

5th race - 1300 meters (grass - gallop) - start time: 15:35

Tom Tom Chap (5)
He comes back to work after a break of more than a year, but always showed very strong performances in the Magna Racino so that he can fight for victory straight away. Manolla (10) had not done so badly in the Czech Republic recently and, as the most profitable horse, has a good chance of a top 3 placement. Scandinavian Lady (1) did well in the debut of the year in Bratislava with good speed and should be supported by this race to finish in the top three this time. Tue Mon (4) is always to be found at the front when he appears in the “Racino” and should be able to cut a good figure. Sonic Bang (2) made long walks around the outside in his last two starts, especially when he finished third on July 26th. in Budapest and is not entirely out of the world for a place fee. Beau Massagot (3) has to present himself better than the last time, is quite possible for a good bonus if the race goes well. Jumble (7) showed himself from a better side recently, but could not convince at his starts before which he finished third on August 30th. first have to confirm. Lightblack (6) is certainly better off at a slightly longer distance, but can still surprise more than the one that didn’t have a moment at the debut of the year It's My Time (9) and this year for the first time Nani (8).

Tom Tom Chap (5) - Manolla (10) - Scandinavian Lady (1)

Assessment: 5-10-1-4-2-3-7-6-9-8

6th race - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 16:05

In a field with many error-prone candidates, the outcome seems completely open. Brigitte Laksmy (3) and Bollinger Mail (2) show brisk gaits in training and have insane talent, so the victory should easily lead to one of the two Italian-bred horses. Spectra (7) runs very consistently and should fight for a place money like at most of this year's starts. Santiano Viking (8) made a mistake in the start phase, but before that he did well in the places of honor and should be involved in the front meeting if there were no mistakes. Trymybest Venus (6) was able to show good performances with placements in Wels this year and cannot be completely ruled out for better money. Goody Perrine (4) could in the Munich test run on 08/18. Not so badly done, but is also an error-prone candidate who should also have his chances if he doesn’t. Louis Quatorze (5) As an extremely large horse, he could find his way around Ebreichsdorf with the lines to bring a surprise. El Clasico (1) acted incorrectly in four of his five starts, but showed at least small approaches in the last few appearances and cannot be completely ruled out.

Brigitte Laksmy (3) - Bollinger Mail (2) - Spectra (7)

Assessment: 3-2-7-8-6-4-5-1

7th race - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 16:35

Feel the Wind (8)
goes into the test with a not so good start number, but has always performed very well in the last few starts and is number one contender if the race goes well. Sherlock (2) currently does not have a good shape to hand, but the cheap inner start number and the achievements so far this season over the sprint track play him in the cards, which should also make him one of the winning candidates. Oklahoma Venus (7) can benefit from a race that is too fast in order to run far ahead in speed when the situation is favorable. Action Killer (1) is currently in very good shape, but recently had problems with his pace and must first come around the course without a mistake, but is then again a hot top 3 candidate. Player Venus (6) Had the race against him recently, otherwise only performed well in Baden, but has to hope for a little bit of racing luck in this stage with many sprint specialists in order to keep his chances of victory, but is definitely possible for better money. Tosca King (3) can use his very fast acceleration to make the race up front, but has to do with a little stronger company in this test, so it will not be easy for victory, but a good money win seems quite possible. Within the fast-paced Dallas Venus (4) if there are just as good starters, with which he could possibly get stuck in the outer lane, if he finds himself on the inside edge and even a slipstream race, he cannot be ruled out for better money if the journey is clear in good time. Toni (5) last showed a small approach and if everything goes well can get involved again for a small amount of money. Grace Attack Venus (9) goes into this test with the outermost start number and will probably have to be taken back down to the last place, which will make it difficult for her in this competition from behind.

Feel the Wind (8) - Sherlock (2) - Oklahoma Venus (7)

Assessment: 8-2-7-1-6-3-4-5-9

8th race - 2200 meters (grass - 152nd Austrian Galopper Derby) - start time: 17:15

Kellahen (7)
was named after his convincing victories for the German Derby, but had not had a good day with rank fourteen, but should be favored due to his previous successes in this season, which he won in very good style. Zariyannka (2) was also below expectations with ninth place in the previous week in the Czech Derby, but before that she did well in terms of speed with very good performances and should be the first challenger to start. Sir Polski (6) won two times over today's distance, but probably doesn't have the speed of the two horses mentioned above, so she would have to play everything optimally so that he can get to victory, although he is still a hot top 3 candidate. Catenda (10) last had not her best day in Merano, especially since longer distances are better for her, because before that she won over 200 meters longer and is not without risk for the favorites if the day is in good shape. Calabrese (11) won the appearances on clay in Budapest superior and with very good posture, but was sent late on the journey and had to admit defeat by a narrow margin, but in terms of class she is a bit behind the aforementioned quartet. Arctic (5) is similar to Calabrese, he won two times in Budapest with good form. Will have to find everything ideal to endanger the favorites. Hadewin (1) was able to finish almost all starts in the placements, but so far has not shown any outstanding performances so it will not be easy to get better money against the strong competitors here. Serif (4) is a good starter, but in the last few races there was a lack of strength in the last few meters, so it won't be easy even for a small amount of money. Eyes on You (9) Also showed a poor performance at the last start, the placements before that were decent but probably too little for the opposition this time to be able to get better money. Darling (3) goes into this "Listed Race" with only two starts in life and is difficult to imagine for a better placement, especially due to the last appearance four weeks ago. Furioso (8) was far behind the winner at the last starts and can only be seen as an outsider. Rafaella (12) Last won in Zagreb, but for the first time in a race over 2000 meters at the start, this route does not exactly mean the "ideal distance".

Kellahen (7) - Zariyannka (2) - Sir Polski (6)

Assessment: 7-2-6-10-11-5-1-4-9-3-8-12

9th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 17:45

Crown Prince Rudolf (5)
last won this year for the first time and in a very good style with which he should win again without a mistake. JS Tolstoy (8) always delivers very good performances in Ebreichsdorf and should be the first challenger behind them. Virgil Venus (3) was able to do well with his third places on the sprint track and is again a top 3 candidate if the race goes well. Royal Roc (9) runs very consistently between place money and smaller money, but if the location was favorable beforehand, the longer run-in at the “Racino” could benefit him, perhaps to surprise the favorites. Kiwi’s Rascal (6) shows very different performances, but was not able to show the strong form of the previous year, but is even possible to win if the conditions are right. Margaret Venus (7) delivered very different performances this year, but also always runs good races in the "Racino" so that she for a place money like the last time on May 24th. is quite possible. Final Destination (1) won smaller money at all appearances this year, which should also be possible here, but for a better result a significant increase has to be made. Amici P (4) won twice on the short distance after a fight, but was not able to convince over the middle distance, so you can look forward to his performance. Elite de la Vitard (2) mostly acts incorrectly and also meets with too strong opposition, so that she goes into the test as an outsider.

Crown Prince Rudolf (5) - JS Tolstoy (8) - Virgil Venus (3)

Assessment: 5-8-3-9-6-7-1-4-2

10th race - 2140 meters (AROC Breeders Crown) - start time: 18:15

Diamond Venus (6)
had to last in the St. Leger in Baden Catch me if you can (7) defeated, but had a much worse starting position there with the starting position from the second row, which means that he can turn the tables here in the "Breeders Crown" in his last test before the derby. Grafenegg (2) should have the third chance behind this duo like last year in the AROC Derby of the three-year-olds, he got a very good start number and this year's performance against Catch me if you can was always very good so that he was in the lead for the favorite duo in races is not entirely harmless. Dellaria Venus (3) jumped in the "St. Leger ”behind the car, then showed in Munich with placings to very good horses but again very decent performances, so that she should fight for a place money here without any mistakes. Magic Paradis (9) is always good for a mistake, but has enormous ability to run, but needs some racing luck with the unfavorable start number to be able to get into the top three. Oscar de Jan R (11) competes in a breeding race for the first time, won his two starts this year in very good style, which means that if the race goes well, you can be curious how he will perform against his old friends. Luggi Venus (8) delivered during his appearances in the “St. Leger ”and in the“ Hochstaffl Memorial Race ”with each rank strong performances, he had to accept complex races, which again cannot be ruled out for better money. Avatar Venus (10) won two races this year in a very good style, but has still not lost his susceptibility to mistakes, so he has to get over the course smoothly in order to be able to aim for a better placement. Power Vital (5) last won the “Derby distance dress rehearsal” in Wels, but like in the St. Leger it will be difficult for the class mates and only has a chance of making a small amount of money. Luna Sunrise (4) won some place money this year, but like in the “St. Leger ”where she finished seventh but was probably too difficult. Dorien Venus (13) last showed fast gears in amateur driving after a mistake in the first arc and can at least mix in for a small amount of money with a smooth gait. Sydney (1) could not confirm his Italian victories in the breeding races at all and therefore competes again as an outsider. Valentina O (12) is prone to errors, but even if you walk smoothly against your peers, there is probably no chance and therefore a blatant outsider.

Diamond Venus (6) - Catch me if you can (7) - Grafenegg (2)

Assessment: 6-7-2-3-9-11-8-10-5-4-13-1-12

11th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 18:45

Donatello Venus (6)
Always runs very good races in Ebreichsdorf and should like on May 24th. have the best chance of victory. American Dream (11) After a mistake at the start with fourth place, showed a strong approach after a long time and may even be dangerous for the favorite if the race is flawless. Mc Donald Venus (12) is currently in a good forum and, if the race goes well, should be among the top three despite the second row on the grid. Evolution (9) goes into the test with a bad start number, but finished most of his races with good placements so that if he is a little lucky he should be among the front runners here too. Truman Venus (10) has always been very good at the placements recently, so that under ideal conditions he can again fight for a place money. Talky's Gold Venus (8) is currently still a little away from his form in the first third of the year, but the longer Ebreichsdorfer can meet him as a speed horse and maybe land further ahead. Dandy Venus (5) Has the ability to beat everyone when the day is in good shape, but acts very "unwillingly" in the last few appearances and has to show himself from a better side. Nordman (3) had to retire after a handicap, acted a little unhappy before that so a surprise seems possible under optimal conditions. Titus (4) has completely lost its shape and needs to improve again. Domingo SR (1) is very error-prone, but due to the strong competition it is not easy even with a smooth gear. Rebel Venus (2) Is doing very well at the moment, but did not get a good result in this test. Pinocchi O (7) couldn't really convince at his starts this season and has to show a completely different face than in the first half of the year in order to have chances.

Donatello Venus (6) - American Dream (11) - Mc Donald Venus (12)

Assessment: 6-11-12-9-10-8-5-3-4-1-2-7

12th race - 2140 meters (band start) - start time: 19:25 - PMU Premium Race 1

Horses 1-3: 2140 meters; Horses 4-11: 2160 meters

Aquila Venus (4)
jumped at the start the week before but won well before that and should be able to win this race without a mistake. Eagle Greenwood (2) Always shows very good performances and would have finally deserved a full success in Austria, which even seems realistic with the starting position from the first volume. Uranosky Etoile (8) comes back to the process after a 2 ½ month break with renewed strength and can possibly use the longer Ebreichsdorfer Einlauf and its speed for the fourth win of the year. Evita Viking (11) has been running in good shape for several seasons and is good for a place money despite the bad starting position as in her last appearances. Amicellina (6) is very error-prone, but dangerous for everyone when walking smoothly and thus a candidate for better money. Rolando Venus (9) was mostly against much tougher opponents lately and if the race goes well, it could put the favorites in a lot of trouble. Ladi Venus (1) was able to do a little better in third place recently, but still has to improve to get a better bonus again. Just like Heaven (10) Recently showed a slight upward trend in third place in Wels, but has to bring a lot more to do well here again. Malina Way (3) could not really convince this year, but can use the good starting position for a small amount of money. Latte Macchiato (5) has it with the allowance as well as Ibar (7) not easy, which means that everything has to run smoothly even for small money wins.

Aquila Venus (4) - Eagle Greenwood (2) - Uranosky Etoile (8)

Assessment: 4-2-8-11-6-9-1-10-3-5-7

13th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 19:55 - PMU Premium Race 2

Aaron (5)
was able to win his three victories this year confidently and is the horse to be beaten if the race is flawless. Folies Bergere (10) is running very strong races this year and can probably best challenge the favorites. Lord Bo (6) Recently showed a very strong run in a new hand in the second lane without a lead horse and in this form is again a hot candidate for a place in the top three if the race went better. Anabelle Venus (3) jumped in the fight for the lead the week before, but before that she did very well with place money and is again a contender for a better premium in suitable races on the inside edge. Divine Design (2) Faces very tough competition but should fight for a smaller price here as it did in the last few races. Skeeter Venus (8) is very error-prone this year, if he gets over the course he is certainly also an issue for a place in the top three. Bleu Roi (9) should be better in the middle distance than last on the standing distance, needs some racing luck with the outer start number in the first row to be able to mix in further up front. Rio de Alar (1) has a tough job ahead of him, but like most of his starts this year it is possible for a small amount of money. Vivien Venus (7) did not have an optimal starting position in this stage with very good opponents and will therefore have a hard time getting involved in the front meeting in contrast to the last races. Free Soul (4) was not able to convince in his last starts and is therefore considered an outsider.

Aaron (5) - Folies Bergère (10) - Lord Bo (6)

Assessment: 5-10-6-3-2-8-9-1-7-4

Race 14 - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 20:25 - PMU Premium Race 3

How Nice S.R. (9)
goes from the second row to the process, but always won the races this year with very good posture and is the horse to be beaten. Chac Pipe BMG (4) is always in the top three and should also find a suitable race to achieve a very good result here as well. Passionate Dream (8) did not have the best starting position, but is always dangerous on the sprint distance under favorable conditions, like the victory in a great time on August 9th. shows in Baden. Justice (5) was always in the top 3 except for one faulty appearance and should have good prospects for a better money this time as well. Chuppah Chups (3) has a very good start and can use this to take better money with you if you walk smoothly, as you did before. Hardtocatch SR (1) is showing very good races this year but will probably meet too strong distance specialists in this stage and should therefore be considered for a smaller premium. Indigo Mo (2) is always good for a cash win, but for a better placement it has to do with competition that is too strong. Dream Gill (7) Not to be underestimated at this distance, but the starting position and the strong opposition speak against a better placement. Zanetti Venus (6) couldn't convince at all this year and goes to the process as a blatant outsider.

How Nice S.R. (9) - Chac Pipe BMG (4) - Passionate Dream (8)

Assessment: 9-4-8-5-3-1-2-7-6

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Press tips for Sunday September 13th

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Race day September 13th - information and self-disclosure - form

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Dear equestrian friends,

In times of the corona pandemic, we would like to point out the existing CORONA safety measures with regard to our upcoming race day on Sunday 13th September. (click here) Furthermore, a self-assessment will be provided at the entrance to the race track as part of the safety and hygiene concept of the event demands. In order to avoid any congestion there, we allow ourselves to have a form ready (click here), which can be completely filled out at the entrance. Only one entrance to the racetrack will be opened, the one at the side car park by the guide ring. The panorama restaurant and the derby bar will remain closed, there will be sufficient outdoor seating and a varied gastronomy. The AROC looks forward to seeing you at the 152nd Austrian Galopper Derby Race Day and wishes you good entertainment and good luck with your bets!

Go to the races here

Super 6 bet jackpot: € 25,041.90 from the 7th race (4:35 p.m.)

Triple bet jackpot: € 9,199 in the 10th race (6.15 p.m.),

Entry bet jackpot: € 1,270.00 in the 11th race (6:45 p.m.), as well as finish bet jackpot: € 533.00 from the 12th race (7:25 p.m.) and numerous payout guarantees.

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Race days II. Meeting 2020

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Call for tenders TRABEN for Sunday September 13th

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The announcement for the trotting races on September 13th in Racino can be found> here <

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152nd Austrian Galopper Derby - Entries update!

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At today's cancellation or late entry date - August 18th - for the AUSTRIAN-DERBY, 152nd Austrian Galopper-Derby, which will be run on Sunday, September 13th under the patronage of the Austrian Lotteries,

>> Entries update

>> Call for tenders

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Race announcement Gallop for 13.9.2020 - online

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The race announcement for the horse races on Sunday 13th September 2020 is online

We are pleased to be able to present the 152nd edition of the Austrian Galopper Derby!


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4. Start date for the AROC breeding & special races 2020

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The 15th June is the 4th start date for the breeding and operational races of the AROC 2020

The owners of horses with an upright nomination will receive the breeding separation sheet by post in good time - as a reminder, these are planned for the following race days:

Race dates of the breeding races:

Sunday September 13th - AROC Breeders Crown (4y. Austrian horses)

Sunday October 11th - AROC derby for three-year-olds (3 year old Austrian horses)

Sunday October 25th - AROC AUSTRIAn Championship (5y. + Older Austrian horses)

>> Breeding competition 2020 <<


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Game expert Alex Sokol preview for May 24th

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Race - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 13:30

Because of the corona pandemic, Austrian harness racing had to take a 70-day break from racing before the first winner since March 15. can be made out again. Better said the winner, because nine horse ladies meet in this opening test. The best cards should be the three mares still standing derby, so Blue Solitaire (3), Dorien Venus (6) and Tammy Wynette (9) have. Blue Solitaire (3) changed quarters at the end of last year and is now back on the scene for the first time after a six-month break. Physically, she has developed very well, according to coach Christoph Fischer, and with a smooth walk, victory should probably also lead to her. The one, which is also appearing for the first time this year, has also changed quarters Dorien Venus (6)who have already successfully completed two of their three starts in life. You also hear from her about good job performance, which makes her a challenger. Wolfgang Ruth always has his horses in very good shape, with what Kiss Dancing (5) and Beatrice San (7) should certainly also have chances of good money winnings. Tammy Wynette (9) liked with placements on horses that are now in a slightly higher profit class, but she needs the sprint distance from the second row to have a suitable race course in order to be able to participate in the question of victory, she has a place money as with the previous two annual starts trustworthy in all cases. Musica Venus (1) and Power Uno (2) were already in the two two-year breeding races and were able to get placements and small cash prizes. One hears from their coaches about good work performance, so that one calculates a placement at least between 3 and 5 in the respective quarter. Power Like (8) has the most racing experience next to favorite Blue Solitaire, but goes into the test with an unfavorable number, which means that it will probably be about a smaller amount of money. CS Think Pink (4) was able to take off her maidenhood this year and is also more at home on the sprint track, but here she meets tough competitors for her everything has to be right.

Blue Solitaire (3) - Dorien Venus (6) - Tammy Wynette (9)

2nd race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 14:00

There are also some possible derby starters in the process of the second stage of the day. Magic Paradis (5) revealed the most running ability so far, he had to go a long way in his fourth places in the AROC derby for the three-year-olds and in the Anton Poschacher memorial race, but with these placements with high starting numbers in each case he cut a good figure and can make his debut of the year immediately successful. Had also acted quite well in the breeding competitions of the previous year Dellaria Venus (7), which, however, did not always have racing luck on its side and, under favorable conditions, can put the slightly higher rated Magic Paradis in its place. Luna Sunrise (6) is considered a quick starter and, despite a higher number, could reach the top, of which she has shown the strongest races so far. Although she can be seen a little behind the other two derby aspirants, she is always strong from the top as described, which will not make life easy for the competition. In the beginning it is always difficult Kronos Vivienne (3), who, however, as a three-year-old was able to achieve strong positions in outer tracks despite the race. Nevertheless, it will not be easy to get involved in the very front against the “Derby Trio”, especially since one of the other possible Derby starters with the one who is in new hands and has new ownership Quinta (1) has learned about good work reports. Your training companion Emy’s Triomphe (4) had developed well in the last few races and was able to take two wins before the “compulsory break”. Although it is now against a completely different caliber, it is independent of the distance and, due to the increase in the last races, cannot be completely removed from the considerations for a place money. However, the task is much more difficult for Admiral Fuchs (2) and Callina Mystere (8). Admiral Fuchs (2) was neutered however and should be more in line with the gait, but will now be presented steadily better in the next races. Against Callina Mystere (8) In addition to the lack of form, the bad start number speaks volumes.

Magic Paradis (5) - Dellaria Venus (7) - Luna Sunrise (6)

3rd race - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 14:30

Should be in the first race of the Super 6 bet Kiwi Superstar (10) and Super Aric (6) make the victory among themselves. The front row speaks for in this sprint test Super Aric (6). Behind them there are several participants with good opportunities for a place money. Speedy As (1) comes to the start with two fresh victories from “private races”, but can use the cheap start number and his good start to find a cheap race. Ardo Goal (4) is also a very quick beginner and always dangerous on the sprint track. Terra Metro (8) has not been quite as lively at the previous starts this year, but is still good for better money under optimal conditions. Diavoletto SR (3) is better off on longer distances, but goes into the test with a not so bad starting position so he shouldn't be completely neglected. Grace Attack Venus (9) Has a difficult starting position with the extreme starting number and is therefore more difficult to imagine a top placement this time. Toni (7) comes after a break and starts the race with a higher starting number, which is a surprise like on November 3rd. is more likely to be ruled out, but not a small monetary gain. JS Individuality (2) has a very strong shape at hand, but meets different calibers than in her last appearances. Dallas Venus (5) like at the last starts, has a tough job ahead of him.

Super Aric (6) - Kiwi Superstar (10) - Speedy As (1)

4th race - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 15:00

Please tell Rosie (3)
made a good figure in the qualification and didn't seem to have uncovered all reserves there, so a victory should look out on the debut. El Clasico (1) showed good performance in the work and, according to the trainer, should be a sure and quick starter, which should certainly play a good role. Mombasa (8) shows himself to be wrong again and again, if he comes across the course he can even be dangerous for the favored horses. Good Fellow (2) is a powerful Quick Wood-Nackomme, who, however, likes to react with a mistake in unfamiliar racing situations. If he gets over the course smoothly, he can certainly be imagined for better money. Xaver Venus (9) showed at the last appearance as well Spectra (4) a strong speed performance, with which these two horses can certainly cause a surprise. Red Riding Hood (6) has to show up in order to be able to place further forward while Eros Mo (5) According to the trainer, it is certainly better off over longer distances. Edel Fortuna (7) could not convince even with his small winnings in Bavaria and goes into the test as a blatant outsider.

Please tell Rosie (3) - El Clasico (1) - Mombasa (8)

5th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 15:30

How Nice S.R. (8th)
celebrated seven wins in nine appearances and is clearly to be favored in this test. Lady Lucie (5) But developed really strongly in the last months of 2019 and can make a tough opponent despite the longer break. Indian Mon (4) delivered a really strong performance in his last two starts with a win and third place and is certainly also a candidate for a better placement after these races. Sydney (3) had found an elaborate race in Munich and therefore did not quite meet expectations, but this start could be a small advantage compared to the favored teams, which should also make it a good match. Aaron (10) has the disadvantage of having to start from the second row, but with one exception he was always right at the front and can show his speed qualities in the final battle for better money at a brisk pace. Queen of Spades (7) starts the race with a bad starting position, but is never completely out of the world for a place money. Zanetti Venus (6) has no easy test ahead of him and it will be difficult against the horses mentioned to be right at the front. Hanneke Greenwood (2) comes back to normal after a long break from racing and will probably need this race again. Hulk Venus (9) Due to the bad start number and the middle distance against this opposition, he is one of the outsiders. Chuppah Chups (1) He showed an upward trend in his last two starts with the third places each, but in this competition he probably faces too strong competition.

How Nice S.R. (8) - Lady Lucie (5) - Indian Mon (4)

6th race - 2140 meters (band start) - start time: 16:00

Horse 1: 2140 meters; Horses 2-3: 2160 meters; Horses 4-6: 2180 meters; Horses 7-10. 2200 meters

Ami du Pressoir (7)
Although he has to do 60 meters, after his two successes in January and February he was also able to fall in the place of honor with an 80 meter bonus so that a victory should be possible. His toughest adversary is certainly a smooth one Disco Darling (9) who won the Austrian debut in impressive style, but failed in the race afterwards and was therefore without a chance of a better placement. In addition, he has in Munich-Daglfing on May 12th. can please in the place of honor, so that he will not let the "Stall Amanda-Protégé" win without a fight. Avatar Vet (8) was recently used increasingly in saddle competitions, but should be able to seamlessly follow up on the good placements in the sulky. D Day du Rochy (2) This year he is constantly striving for place money and is therefore also with this time starting position with good prospects for a better premium. Victor Star (5) comes back to normal after a year-long break from racing, but can certainly intervene in the fight for a place money. Furienza (1) could not yet convince at their A-Bahn appearances in Austria, but some things have been changed so that a surprise cannot be ruled out from the start. Elite de la Vitard (3) could on 15.09. win last year here in Ebreichsdorf and keep Ami du Pressoir at a distance, who was also 40 meters behind at the time, but she could still be missing a race in her legs. Vrai Lord (10) may find it too difficult with the high allowance, but if the race goes well, it is not completely impossible to win money. Bonheur du Vivier (4) has it as well Valerio Jet (6) From the starting point it is probably too difficult, so both of them come to the process as outsiders.

Ami du Pressoir (7) - Disco Darling (9) - Avatar Vet (8)

7th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 16:30

Zante Laser (7)
showed in victory on 02.02. a very strong performance, could do just as well in France until the entry point before it fell back, but showed itself again from a better side 12 days ago in Munich, but had to win on 02.02. recognize defeated Kentucky Bo in front of you. However, if everything goes well, victory will lead to them. Sammi MS (1) presented himself from a very good side in the last few appearances and should therefore be able to take advantage of the cheap start number to land well in front again. Lady Muscles (2) comes from a lower class but did just as well in her last race so she should play a good role too. Raphael Venus (9) has it not easy with the starting position in the second row, but he was able to convince in the Hunyady against even a little stronger competition with third place so that he can land well in front if the race goes well. King of the World (8) has to hope for a bit of racing luck with the outer start number, but can certainly take a place money with him after the old class. It's a little difficult to assess Attrape Moi (10)who is taking part in a race for the first time in almost 2 ¾ years. The work performance should be quite decent, but after such a long break, at least when it comes to victory, one more race will definitely be missing in the legs. Stravinsky Bigi (3) was in very good shape towards the end of last season and should also do a good job, but he could face too strong competition here, which certainly won't overtax him. Mentor Venus (4) comes to the process with a very good shape, but there was clear slight competition with which he is here together with Special (5)who did not know how to convince in the end, competes as an outsider.

Zante Laser (7) - Raphael Venus (9) - Sammi MS (1)

8th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 17:00

Donatello Venus (3)
will probably only have to find his way across the course in this test to emerge as the winner. Eliot Venus (5) could use his good start to dictate the race up front and get a top 3 placement. Contessa Venus (7) runs its strongest races covertly on the inside edge, but with the unfavorable start number has to hope for an optimal process in order to be able to intervene really decisively. American Dream (10) usually runs very strong races after long breaks and can take away a better bonus when they first appear in a DGS race. Cristallo SR (9) did not get a good start number, but if the race went well, it should build on fourth place on 15.3. take away a cash profit again. Ria Venus (8) is fast but prone to errors, if she gets over the course smoothly she can definitely bring a surprise here. Fergie Venus (1) repeatedly acted incorrectly on her last starts, so that small changes were made, which can cause a sensation if she runs smoothly. Sweet Venus (4) won in his last appearance superior, but also in a much weaker set with which he already needs everything to be able to participate in the front meeting. Rebel Venus (2) was able to show second place after a long time, but like Sweet Venus has to do with much stronger company than in this race, which means that he is more of an outsider in the process. Algiers B (6) could in the test run on 16.2. I liked it quite well, but it is probably too difficult to find it here and therefore counts as a blatant outsider.

Donatello Venus (3) - Eliot Venus (5) - Contessa Venus (7)

9th race - 2140 meters (autostart) - start time: 17:30

Grafenegg (2)
This is the first time this year, but he did well in the test run in March so that he can start the season victoriously with his good start, the cheap start number and the skills shown last year. The main opponent here is after the last few appearances Folies Bergere (6) which this year has only been able to reveal very good ideas and can therefore seamlessly connect to the strong forms. Catch me if you can (7) could still be missing a race after the long break, but he showed strong performances in the breeding competitions so that he should fight for a place money at least on his debut. Virgil Venus (8) showed himself to be very good at his last starts and certainly has a good chance of a better money here if the race goes well. Zampano As (4) comes back to the starting line after almost exactly one year after an injury break, and is therefore more likely to be for a small amount of money. Truman Venus (3) liked his appearances in the amateur competitions and, like Zampano As, is considered a contender for a smaller premium. Free Soul (1) started the race with a good starting position, but never really performed very well after breaks so that he was like a stable mate Henry TN (5) has no easy task ahead of him.

Grafenegg (2) - Folies Bergère (6) - Catch me if you can (7)

10th race - 2140 meters (ribbon start) - start time: 18:00

Horses 1-5: 2140 meters; Horses 6-7: 2160 meters; Horse 8: 2180 meters

Paola Hall (3)
is back on track for the first time in a long time, but did really well in the test run so that she should be hard to beat with a good number without a mistake. Orange Venus (8) is the class in the field, but 40 meters extra is a lot with which everything has to fit for victory. Final Destination (5) is also very cheap in the competition to have a good starting position for a top placement with a good start out of the bands. Osey Venus (7) comes from a stronger line-up and, due to her very good acceleration, can possibly appear quickly among the horses in front and is then a hot contender for the place if the conditions are right. Margaret Venus (6) was able to win a band start competition in the “Racino” last year, albeit from the start, and is therefore not to be neglected, but like band mate Osey Venus, he will fight for a place money. Passionate Dream (2) has got off to a good start and can get a good number but is generally better off over shorter distances. Vivien Venus (4) must be just as much better than the previous year's performance, as did the new owner and new hand that was just as unconvincing at the last few starts Ella F (1).

Paola Hall (3) - Orange Venus (8) - Final Destination (5)

11th race - 1640 meters (autostart) - start time: 6.30 p.m.

JS Tolstoy (7)
is always very strong in short-distance races and meets the right company to be able to win on his annual debut. Ladi Venus (4) It's a bit easier than in her last appearances and should end up in the top three as last time. Wonder Boy (6) currently does not have the best shape at hand, was able to leave favorite JS Tolstoy behind him in his last win on August 4th, back then over the standing distance, and is therefore like Ladi Venus in the challenger role in this test. Floor Charisma (1) was wrong again in the last two starts, but showed with good placements before that she can definitely hold its own in this company, so a place money should be within reach without errors. Ginestro S (5) could his good test run from 02.02. at his three starts after that, most recently on Tuesday in Straubing, this was not confirmed, but this race can help him to land further up here. Ella Mo (3) meets strong competition, but with the inner bib number over the sprint distance, a surprise is more likely than the one that is probably too difficult Elina Goal J (2) and the one presumably presented defensively Abanos (8).

JS Tolstoy (7) - Ladi Venus (4) - Wonder Boy (6)

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Press tips for Sunday May 24th

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The collected tips from the press:


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Restart of the trotting races with performance tests without an audience

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Next Sunday, May 24th, the time has come, the AROC has got the green light to hold performance tests in the Ebreichsdorfer Racino. These are based on an approved concept without an audience held, we have one to keep track of free live stream set up on our home page. Bets can of course be completed via our Internet betting partner (e.g., & Partner). The racing program is already available online. We ask all racing fans and owners not to come to the Racino, as the public area is closed without exception - we thank you for your understanding in the current exceptional situation!

The numerous jackpots from the past racing year (2019) will, in fairness, in order to offer everyone the opportunity to participate, be played at the first race day event with an audience (probably September 13th)!

The AROC wishes you good entertainment and good luck with your bets!

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Changes for the performance tests Sunday May 24th