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Shinedown and "Attention Attention": Reverse Maturation Process?

The question arises whether Shinedown consciously decided against further development. What's bad about maturing and growing up? Absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, the sound of this record vehemently blocks itself and sounds more like trying it out, as we know it from the early phases of bands. (Although these days even young bands are rarely allowed to experiment, but that's a completely different story.) But while you could still talk about trying it out up to this point on the album, a real low is already imminent. “Get Up” sounds so unreal on the album, you might think it's a joke. Brent Smith sings himself in with a soft piano, then he comes, this disgusting beat - including the clapping line - which stands for everything that goes wrong in this business, not least what you hate Nickelback for. This radio attitude that practically begs to be played on national radio stations so that they can announce something from the genre of hard rock, or even worse, metal. You want to fall on your knees and yell “Why ?!” into the sky.

Shinedown put the crown on this by following the long-awaited ballad of the record called “Special” on “Get Up”. Smith's voice sounds as if it was made for ballads and so this one too was a great success. However, given the tragedy in the track before, the lyrics are almost deliciously cynical. Too bad they read the lines

"Stop waiting on your fifteen minutes of fame
Cause you're not special "

do not relate to yourself.

But at this point there must also be room for something positive. Because betweenKill Your Conscience ”and“ Get Up ”are exactly what you expected and where the record started: A band that dares to try something new, and sometimes comes across as a little playful. As a fan of Shinedown you can of course totally shit that they try that, but you can also give them respect for that. The tastes are different, but what is certain is that there is something special in these pieces, you could call it soul.

Shinedown are currently going through a phase that some bands seem to have to cope with over time and thus raise the important question: Do you want to go safe, do you want to break out or even dare to break through? “Attention Attention” is then something of a radical intermediate path.