What's your rating of La Mer

Review: is the crème de la mer really worth it?


The ingredients:

As we know, all ingredients of the cream are listed in sequence (from the largest amount in the product to the smallest amount in the product) on the ingredients deck. Among the 37 ingredients on this list, the first ingredient is seaweed extract. The brand claims it is a super imaginative fermented seaweed that is only harvested twice a year to create this “miracle cream”. While it offers some wonderful anti-premature aging benefits and anti-inflammatory support, it is surprisingly considered "highly comedogenic". So if you have skin that is prone to acne, clogged pores, or blackheads, this cream may not be suitable for your skin. We'd also like to note that it's not a very expensive or rare ingredient and can be found in all kinds of items - from food to cosmetic products, regardless of the harvesting process.

Also, this cream contains several occlusive waxy ingredients, three of which are made from crude oil. It also contains petroleum, mineral oil and paraffin wax: These ingredients do not have much effect on the skin. Basically, they form a skin barrier that does not let anything in or out of the pores. They practically just sit on the skin and are not absorbed. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that these are all very inexpensive ingredients.

Now we come to the synthetic scent, because there is plenty of it - a completely pointless ingredient that only serves to "improve" the user experience and / or to mask the smell of unattractive chemicals. It is a well-known skin irritant and, unfortunately, just as often the leading cause of contact dermatitis. It has also been shown that it can cause allergies. Lanolin alcohol (basically sheep skin oil) is not toxic, but is also considered "highly comedogenic" for the skin and, if it is of concern to you, an ingredient of animal origin. The most impressive ingredients in the La Mer formula, in our opinion, are the few minerals and antioxidants. These can be very useful for the skin, but we agree that you can definitely find them in a cheaper product.

"I swear it works!"

Why do some people consider them "working" ?! If you put something on the skin that is very occlusive, everything underneath will be included. This is how the natural oil is collected. Sure, this might not be a bad thing for extremely dry skin types, but it can lead to clogged pores as a result of a great many other skin types. Not to mention that you can achieve the same effect with a rich night cream from the drugstore for less than € 10.


Our opinion:

So back to the question we always get. What do we, as the care team of the Selfcare Society, medical beauticians and consumers, really think of this cream? In terms of ingredients, it's a fairly straightforward moisturizer formula that doesn't contain anything fancy, expensive, or unique. In essence, it's an extremely expensive barrier cream full of cheap ingredients: seaweed extract, petroleum, mineral oil, some essential oils and vitamins, and numerous thickeners and preservatives don't justify the price. We think that exclusivity and luxury are mainly sold here. A luxury that people like to put on the bathroom counter at home with this chic face cream. Unfortunately it is not more. This formula may have been a new sensation in the 1970s, but it is now very out of date. Nowadays there are many new formulas that do the skin much better and are much cheaper.

The bottom line:

Judging by the ingredients you get, the crème de la mer doesn't live up to its price. There are a handful of beneficial ingredients throughout the formula, however the rest are made up of fillers that can clog your pores. If you value good ingredients and also pay attention to the price-performance ratio, then this product does not fit into your scheme. We have personally examined this “miracle cream” for ingredients, formulation, skin benefits and costs and are neither convinced nor would we buy it again.