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After comments on the Berlin attack: Wagenknecht on the left under pressure

@Bandari Thanks for the link. Now nobody here can claim that they didn't say that at all. Now the nonsense is publicly on their own website.

"You described Merkel's sentence“ We can do it ”as“ frivolous ”and accused the Chancellor of first luring many refugees into the country. That is populist.

No that is the truth. Of course, the uncontrolled open borders were an incentive back then. "

"With your criticism of Merkel, you are assuming that there are too many refugees in the country. Then you would have to consistently say how many should leave.

It is about the uncontrolled opening of the border, which has been criticized across Europe. There is a basic right to asylum in Germany. But it was irresponsible to allow a situation in which we no longer even knew who was coming into the country. [...] "

"According to your logic, is Angela Merkel also responsible for the latest terrorist attack in Berlin? The perpetrator was a refugee from Tunisia who came to Germany in July 2015, but took advantage of the overwhelming demands of the authorities as a result of the mass onslaught last year.

There is shared responsibility, but it is more complex. In addition to the uncontrolled opening of the border, there is the broken police, which is neither staffed nor technically equipped as it would be appropriate to the danger situation. Foreign policy is just as fatal: the oil wars of the USA and its allies, supported by Merkel, to which the "Islamic State" owes its existence and strength. "

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    @ 74450 (profile deleted) "Now the nonsense is publicly on your own website."

    No nonsense for me, just sensible analysis. But I understand that the greens and people who are further to the right cannot agree with that.

    • Karl Kraus

      @ 3641 (profile deleted) Jipp. There have hardly been any serious efforts to organize the entry of refugees in such a way that both the personal details could be recorded in a reasonable time and those that have already been clearly recorded in such a way that it is reasonably humane. That would have required a lot of money and an enormous amount of effort. But you want a black zero for it, in order to at least make chaos possible as a rich country. Unfortunately, hardly anyone sees it that way, and unfortunately Ms. Wagenknecht does not articulate it clearly enough. My criticism of the refugee policy is that because of our indecision, people fall into here and then don't know what's going to happen. Instead, they should find a well-organized and networked area of ​​arrival, bureaucratic clarity and a general welcome. You could create some incentives with money. But if we don't really want "them" here, but on the other hand would like to be so dear, only indecision and additional confusion can arise.

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        @Karl Kraus Right. The implementation of the integration policy can certainly be severely criticized:

        Exactly the mistakes are made that were warned against at the beginning of the situation. Too many people in overcrowded mass accommodation, too few language and integration courses (the problem is getting smaller), moving out of people to already problematic quarters, etc.

        That is all right and we have to have constructive discussions here. However, it is not very constructive to link the whole thing to the attack in Berlin.