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Your baby is now growing and developing at breakneck speed, with infants taking on average at this stage 20 grams per day to. In a week your child will be around one centimeter larger and the head circumference also increases by one to two centimeters during this time. However, the growth takes place in spurts, so that sometimes no change, sometimes a greater weight gain is recorded. So don't worry if your baby suddenly becomes hungry. The supply of breast milk adjusts to the increased demand after just a few days.

This is how your baby changes

The innate reflexes have already been lost or are gradually disappearing, for example the screaming reflex. That sounds irritating at first, but it is important because otherwise this reflex would hinder later running. The loss of the walking reflex is therefore an expression of an age-appropriate development of the nervous system.

Your child's hair color can change in the first few months. It is only towards the end of the third month that you can tell which color will remain. The amount of hair a baby has is related to the mother's hormone levels during pregnancy. But don't be concerned if your baby is losing hair right now. This is absolutely normal and the result of the scalp stretching as the skull grows. You are probably also observing yourself at the moment that you are unusual lose a lot of hair.

At three months, the hemisphere of your baby's brain, which is responsible for hearing, speech and smell, is already quite well developed and active. Sensory impressions now have to be processed. Take care of your baby by talk to him a lot and watch whether it hears well. If there is a loud noise in front of the ear, it should perceive it, turn its head there and stop screaming for a moment.


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3rd month: "Wellness for Mums"

A rattle or a stuffed animal with a built-in bell is therefore a very useful toy. Your baby loves it, Sounds to hear and also to cause some yourself. Give him the toy over and over again and it will be a no-brainer.

Your baby needs a lot now less sleep. It would rather watch its environment and be entertained. Make sure that when he is awake he is in the middle of the hustle and bustle and can see and learn as much as possible. Note that a bouncer is not a suitable place for hours.

Back to everyday working life

Many young mothers are now returning to work. Switching from everyday mum life to professional life is not easy. It is a Balancing act between the wishto resume the former life and the rhythm associated with it and the Allegationsto leave the child in someone else's care during this exciting development phase. Comfort yourself that all mothers do.

If you want to continue breastfeeding - at least partially - you are entitled to breastfeeding breaks.

It also means a major turning point for the child when the mother, the most trusted person, is suddenly no longer present for a long time and the childcare is taken over by someone else. Even if this is the father or the already known grandparents, the baby notices that the mother is missing.

If you are planning to return to work, start at an early stage to get your child used to the care of others, who may be strangers to them. So you can carefully prepare the baby and him security give, that the mother keeps coming back. And you can work more calmly and without remorse when you know that your child is happy without you.

Whether crèche, childminder, grandmother, child father or girlfriend - absolute trust is necessary. If you decide on a care option that is initially unknown to you, do not hesitate to really ask everything you want to know. When it comes to your child's well-being, no question is too much. Perhaps you can also exchange ideas with other mothers who have their children looked after at this place. And if you notice any inconsistencies over time or feel uncomfortable with your choice, making a switch is the right step. In caring for his child, you should No compromise do.

If you have enough energy again and want to keep an eye on your fitness, you can start exercising again after doing postnatal exercises.

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Babies need freedom of movement:Movement supports brain development in babies, trains their senses and their perception. Therefore, crawling blankets are recommended by professionals. Here the baby can also lie on its stomach. The pilot's posture is also good. The child lies with its stomach on a forearm of mum or dad, the other hand is placed on the baby's back for stabilization, which strengthens the back muscles and promotes a sense of balance. Seat shells or rockers restrict the urge to move and should only be used for transport. (swissmom news ticker, April 2012)

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