What is Chippendale style furniture

Most people at Chippendale now think of a group of good-looking men happily taking off their clothes - but actually the term came from somewhere else and described a very special type of furniture. This Chippendale furniture is a specialty in the furniture world to this day - it not only changed the design of its time, but is still experiencing one revival after another and remains popular forever.

Chippendale furniture is a timeless classic that brings a lot of history and even more style. We love something like that at Westwing, because for us furnishing is not just a matter of short-lived trends, we also love to research the background to find out everything about the furniture that goes with it. And with that we want to inspire you! Maybe it's Chippendale furniture that gives your home that very special something?

What is Chippendale Furniture?

The name "Chippendale" goes back to Thomas Chippendale, a cabinet maker from England in the 18th century. Chippendale became famous not only for his special furniture, but also for his theoretical treatises on furniture and styles - making him one of the first interior experts to actually write about styles and design for his customers. He also brought out a catalog of all furniture, which quickly became very popular and precisely categorized and described furniture. Chippendale's chairs became particularly famous - but actually he made all kinds of furniture, mostly from mahogany. In the 19th century his work of art experienced a real revival, which is why it is often confused and furniture is attributed to him that does not come from his workshop. But from the dining table to the armchair to the dresser - everything with the name Chippendale is still a legend in design to this day. The furniture later became particularly popular in the USA - and this is where the stripper thing comes from: according to legend, at least the "human" Chippendales had an appearance in a club that supposedly only had Chippendale furniture as a facility. This is how the gentlemen got their name and the Chippendale furniture got even more fame. We think: the Chippendale furniture has done it a little more and we would much rather let it move into our home!

Chippendale furniture and its characteristics

Chippendale furniture is not just a precisely defined style, but rather it shows certain characteristics. Four of them in particular make up the Chippendale style and can be found in different strengths in all Chippendale furniture:
  • English style This included Chippendale furniture, which often had details such as motifs with lions or masks, and deep and special carvings are striking
  • french rococo style Chippendale was also one of the first designers to bring the French Rococo style, inspired by Louis the 14th, to England and make it popular there - by toning down this exuberant style for the more reserved English. This included flourishes and special lines and ornaments on the furniture. Especially armchairs and daybeds belong to this category of Chippendale furniture
  • chinese style This expression was shaped by China and the ideas that people had of it in England. There were often pictures of bamboo, dragons and pagodas, but also furniture with feet shaped like paws and decorations in the form of latticework, and there was mostly eye-catching paintwork, especially on shelves and showcases
  • Gothic Stryle The pointed arches and special ornaments of the Gothic (which experienced such a revival) such as the quatrefoil, consisting of four outward-pointing circular arcs, were typical for this form of Chippendale furniture

Chippendale furniture today

The price for real Chippendale furniture is of course very high, but if you are lucky enough to own some or find beautiful newer furniture that comes close to this look, you can get this wonderfulcan also be incorporated into today's furnishing styleswithout just furnishing the whole apartment with Chippendale furniture. The colonial style is ideal for this. Like Chippendale furniture, this furnishing style has a lot to do with Britain. Inspired by life in the British colonies, it is expressed there where the Chippendale furniture had its first revival - the two go together wonderfully. The Chippendale furniture in colonial style can then be wonderfully combined with other furniture made of rather dark, heavy woods. Chairs in this design are particularly beautiful. Then add a few accessories that come from all over the world or at least give the impression of being as decoration, and the result is a wonderful style that is classic and yetcontemporary is. This is how classic Chippendale furniture results wonderfully in a living style that also fits modern apartments!

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