Hitler really only had one ball

Now officiallyHitler only had one testicle

Munich - Did Adolf Hitler have stunted genitals?

During World War II, the English mocked Hitler with the song: "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball" (German: "Hitler had only one egg".)

The historian Volker Ulrich even gives the question two pages in his Hitler biography.

In 2008, a Polish clergyman's report from the First World War was discovered.

Hitler was injured in the groin area by a shrapnel during the Battle of the Somme. He lost a testicle in the process. I guess that's not entirely true.

► Now the truth about Hitler's private parts is certain. The historian and head of the Munich Main State Archives Peter Fleischmann (60) discovered a document in the archive that clearly proves Hitler's condition.

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It is Hitler's official medical examination in Landsberg Prison on November 12, 1923.

After the failed coup of November 9, 1923, Hitler was arrested on November 11 in Utting am Staffelsee.

► He was transported to Landsberg at 10.30 p.m. on the same day. The next day, medical officer Dr. Josef Brinsteiner.

In the "Admission Book for Protective Custody" he entered: "Adolf Hitler, artist, ultimately writer."

He described his state of health as "healthy, strong". Body weight: 78 kilograms.

The next comment is crucial: "right-wing cryptorchidism".

► A cryptorchidism means: A testicle did not migrate through the testicle ladder into the scrotum in childhood.

He got stuck in the ladder.

Historian Fleischmann: "Probably the testicle is then stunted."

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