What are the best nutrition trackers

Nutritional apps: The 3 best free apps in the test

A nutrition app helps you to eat healthily so that you can lose weight or gain weight more easily. In the test, we will show you the three best free nutrition apps for Android and iOS.

If you want to live healthily, you have to watch your diet. The best way to do this is with a well-thought-out plan and a food diary. Both are included in a nutrition app. On your smartphone, it shows you what you can eat in order to achieve your optimal weight and provides you with data such as calorie, protein and fat values ​​for all foods that you consume every day.

Do you want to get fitter? Here you can find the best free fitness and weight loss apps in the test.

Calories, Fat & Protein Counters - Simple food diary

The app Calories, Fat & Protein Counters calculates an optimal nutrition plan for you based on personal information such as height, weight and age and helps you to get an overview of your food consumption with a food diary. You determine your goals yourself. You tell the nutrition app whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, build muscle mass or maintain your weight.

Calories, Fat & Protein Counters includes a comprehensive food database so that you do not have to enter the carbohydrates, proteins and fats by hand when making entries in the food diary. You can even set ready-made menus and dishes that you eat frequently. This saves a lot of time and helps you to gain a more precise overview. Also is the nutrition app Calories, Fat & Protein Counters available for advertising and free of charge for Android and iOS.

  • clear
  • free of charge and advertising
  • Evaluation could be more detailed
  • Registration required

Click here for the free nutrition app Calories, Fat & Protein Counters:

MyFitnessPal - With detailed statistics

MyFitnessPal also calculates your optimal nutritional concept based on your personal information and goals. The evaluation of your data is very precise. In addition to a list of values ​​such as calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber and cholesterol, you will also find diagrams in the nutrition app that show you your progress in detail.

With MyFitnessPal you have access to a database with over six million foods, so that you only have to enter them. In addition to eating, the app also monitors your fitness. To do this, you can connect them to a tracker or specify sports exercises. Here, too, there is an extensive database with over 350 entries. For mutual motivation, the nutrition apps can even be linked to the profile of friends so that you can share your successes with them. MyFitnessPal gives free but not ad-free for Android and iOS. If you take out a paid subscription, the advertising disappears and numerous features such as food analysis are added.

  • detailed evaluation
  • easy to use
  • Fitness exercises included
  • not ad-free
  • Registration required

Click here for the free nutrition app MyFitnessPal:

Yazio - Everything in one app

Yazio is the nutrition app that offers a bit of everything. In order to enter your personal data and specify your goals, you do not need to create a profile, you can get started right away. When you enter your meals, you have a database with more than a million foods at your disposal, which automatically calculates calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat and records them in your statistics. There are also many ready-made entries for your athletic performance that can be offset in your food diary.

In addition to the free version of Yazio there is also a pro version, for which you need a paid subscription. The features are worthwhile, however, because here you get, among other things, over a hundred recipes, ready-made nutrition plans, even more evaluations and statistics and of course the advertising disappears. But even without a subscription, the nutrition app offers many features that help you to achieve your goals. The free version of Yazio are available for both Android and iOS.

  • no registration required
  • Recipe suggestions (Pro version)
  • detailed evaluation

Click here for the free nutrition app Yazio:

Conclusion - our test result

The test shows that all nutrition apps are very similar in their basic function, the tracking and calculation of your nutrition plan. Yazio uses the largest database and combines clear statistics and easy handling. At MyFitnessPal What is particularly striking is the analytical accuracy. If you work a lot with numbers and statistics, the nutrition app will do you better than Calories, Fat & Protein Counters like. Overall, the app is the clearest, but it also saves a bit in terms of scope.