What is the point of water towers

Water tower

A water tower is a tower that holds a lot of water. This water is for the houses nearby. It is the drinking water that comes out of the tap. Water towers often stand on hills. Therefore, you can often see them from afar. That is why they are often symbols of a place.

Water usually always flows downhill. But sometimes it has to go up in the pipes, for example if you want to shower on the third floor. For this to work, the water has to be under pressure. This can be achieved with pumps or by having the water flow into the pipes from a great height. To do this, the container in the water tower must always be higher than the places where the water is needed. The height of the tower ensures the water pressure that is necessary so that the water can flow through the long pipes in the connected water network. That is why the water towers are often built on hills so that they are naturally higher.

When people turn on the faucet, the water in the water tower becomes less. The container is therefore refilled regularly so that the water level remains roughly the same. In this way, the water pressure in the pipes is also kept roughly the same. A pump is required to fill the container.

There are many different designs for water towers. In the past, they were not only needed for the drinking water supply or as an extinguishing water supply for the fire brigade. There were also small water towers on the railway lines. They were used to fill the tanks of the locomotives: Back then, a locomotive drove thanks to hot steam, like a steam engine

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